Thursday, December 29, 2016

Anavita Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Cream Review

So I am about TWO YEARS late on this review. Wow. I apologize for that, to the company that provided the product for me and to my readers of this blog ...

Here is the original post about how I was going to get this great anti-wrinkle cream to try out. I encourage you to check it out because it lists all the benefits of this great product.

I love that it doesn't take much at all and it really covers well. It's thick and goes on smoothly. It smells amazing! It's not greasy at all, which is wonderful since other products cause my mascara to smudge when I use them around my eyes. Speaking of my eyes, I think my eyes look pretty great for someone who just turned 45 over the summer!*

*I have to admit I only use it around my eyes and still have the original container of it, although it's almost time to purchase another!

Here is how to buy it and, at $29.95 for an anti-wrinkle cream that will last a while, that's a great deal.

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