Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Stocks Or Property? How To Invest Your Windfall

Money is one of the hardest things in your life to consider. It’s a factor of our everyday lives that controls pretty much everything we do – what jobs we do, where we live, how we conduct our usual lifestyles. It makes sense, then, that a sudden windfall can change your life. Although you may think that extra money can only be a good thing, it can actually create as many problems as it has the potential to solve if you don’t invest it wisely. Here are some ways you could consider investing your windfall…
Pay Off Your Debts

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If you have any debts caused by credit cards, this is the time to pay them off. For many people, the interest accrued by credit cards and store cards is as big a problem as the money that you’ve spent, so now is a good time to draw a line under those mistakes and move on. Many people make errors with their spending on credit cards when they’re young and don’t quite understand how their finances work yet. Now, therefore, is the time to correct that and to start afresh with a clean slate. Make sure that you keep your spending in check if you have any money left over from your windfall – it’s a good idea to put it away in the bank for a rainy day or an event like illness that means it’s hard to work.
Your Future

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Not all of us are happy in our careers and jobs, and if that’s the case for you, and if you’re a little worried about what you might do in the future, now is a good time to stop and re-evaluate your situation. It isn’t a good idea to give up your job – your windfall will only last you so long! – but if you want to re-educate yourself or to train further so that you can progress in your career, a good time to do it is after you’ve had a windfall. Consider working part time for a while so you can focus on your studies, or looking around for a new job. One of the greatest luxuries that money gives you is time, and the freedom to govern how you spend that time. If you invest in your future, and advance your career, then you’ll get considerably more long term satisfaction than you would if you blew the money on a new designer bag.
Purchase Investment Pieces

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Speaking of designer bags – if you’re a fashion buff, they’re a great way to invest your money in a beautiful item that is timeless and that won’t decrease in value. Herm├Ęs Birkin bags have increased in value 500% over the last thirty five years. You could also look into purchasing a Chanel classic flap bag or a bag by Celine, Dior or Prada. Look out for bags that are increasing in price for a stunning fashion piece that will also become a smart investment. You’ll get the best value out of classic shapes and designs, particularly if they’re made from a slightly different material or if they’re limited edition. Other leather products are good to invest in too.
Your Home

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If you have a decent sized windfall, chances are your first idea will be to pay off the rest of your mortgage. This is a great idea – it will be a huge weight off your mind and your home will always be one of your greatest assets. If you want to invest in your home further or you’d rather do that than pay off your mortgage, try some house renovations. Kitchen and bathroom remodelling could add a lot to the value of your house. Potential buyers tend to make their decisions about which house to buy based on the kitchen and bathroom because they don’t want to have to renovate those rooms themselves at their own expense, so doing them up yourself is a great investment. Plus, it means that you can enjoy your own home more in the meantime!

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If you aren’t very practised with finances, make sure you talk to a financial planner or an investments expert if you’re considering investing in stocks. Do some research on the best penny stocks and make sure that you don’t invest too much in them. They can make you a lot of money from a small investment, but they’re also high risk if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Bear in mind that you need to create a diversified portfolio of investments and that the smaller the company is, and the further away from your home country it is, the riskier your investment becomes.
Your Pension

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Saving for your future is one of the wisest things you can do with your money. Having that nest egg in place for your retirement will reassure you until the time comes for you to give up work. That cushion will ensure your financial security for a long time and also possibly enable you to retire early. This is another time where your money can buy you the freedom to decide what exactly you want to do – and that freedom will be absolutely crucial to your future happiness.

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If you’ve had a good amount of money from your windfall, property is one of the most concrete and reliable ways to invest. Consider buying a small rental property, but remember that as well as giving you a monthly salary that will likely cover the mortgage, a rental property is also a responsibility that takes a good amount of maintenance. As a landlord it will be your responsibility to look after your tenants and to keep the property in a good state for them to live in. After all, the nicer the property the more you can charge in rent! When you’re picking out a rental property to invest in, make sure you consider all the factors. Check out the local amenities – is it near a supermarket and local schools if it’s likely to become a family home? Transport links are also very important if the location is a commuter hub.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Dealing With The Financial Implications Of Illness

“At least I have my health.” That’s what a lot of us say when we’re dealing with tough events, right? We can dismissive of all kinds of problems, but not our health. It’s vital to sustaining our current lifestyle. But it’s not safe to always assume we’ll be in perfect health. We all have to learn that bad health can strike at any moment and how we protect against it.

Laying down some prep work
A lot of the points we share will be about coping with illness or injury. However, there are some steps you should be taking right now to prepare for the possibility. First, see if your employer offers any kind of long-term disability insurance and invest in it. Then learn how to stretch your money as far as possible. While waiting for assistance, you will have some lean times, and you need to know how to budget to make it through them.

Don’t pay when it’s not your fault
Injuries can happen at any time to anyone. But it’s vital to make sure that you’re not the one who has to pay if you’re not the one at fault. The more proof you have of another’s liability, the better your chances of getting your insurance paid out. If you don’t have the coverage or your provider doesn’t recognize your case, you have to be ready to take legal action.

Getting what you’re entitled to
Similarly, you might have to take action if you want the government’s assistance after you’re struck with illness or disability. You shouldn’t assume that Social Security Disability is handed out easily. A lot of the time, it can take lots of appeals and evidence to get a judgment in your favor. To that end, you should consider getting someone like a social security lawyer to help bolster your case.

Finding opportunities
A lot of people on SSD find that it isn’t enough to cover all the costs of living. Some people have trouble paying for anything but their rent. You have to be aware that these programs aren’t as all-encompassing as you might think. A lot of people have to look into things like finding opportunities to work online from their home. Thanks to the internet, there are a lot of flexible opportunities, from becoming a freelance writer to teaching your skills in online classes.

Getting help
There are also opportunities for assistance outside of what you might get from SSD or work compensation. For example, there are lots of grants to help those living with disability or those who help loved ones with disability. If you need help with everyday life in the home, like cooking, cleaning or gardening, you should check to see if there are any community foundations in your area that offer that kind of assistance.

From government assistance to finding new ways to sustain yourself. There are opportunities to get the financial help you need for all kinds of health emergencies. It will be hard, but it won’t be impossible.

Dealing With The Unexpected This Winter

Often as winter rolls around we just want to curl up under a blanket and do as little as possible. Unfortunately, that isn't always what the winter brings. It can be a busy time, full of holidays and home issues to take care of, and there's always something that you are not quite expecting that pops up to add to your stress. Don't panic though as you can get a head start on any unexpected issue that might occur by reading the advice below.



A common, but not always expected event in winter time in flooding. It can be caused due to bad weather and heavy rainfall. Or because the pipes in your home get frozen and then burst.

Flooding can be a nasty situation to have to deal with. Not only can it cause plenty of damage to your possessions and property but it can also make you home a pretty grim place to live in too.

The best way to deal with flooding is to call in a professional company that deals with emergency water removal. Then once the worst of it is out of the way, you can use heaters and dehumidifiers to get your home as dry as possible and minimize the chance of mold and damage.

Unexpected visits

As there is Christmas and New Year in the winter period, you can bet that at some point you will have some unexpected guests pop over. There is nothing more embarrassing that being totally unprepared for this That is why you should keep a small stack of festive food and beverages in, for just such events.

It can also help to have a few gift items that are not too specific lying about. Then you can present your guests with a bottle wine or some toys for the kids. This can make you seem organized even if you aren't.

Falls in snow and ice

Another problem during the winter time is that weather conditions can make getting from one place to another treacherous. Falling in snow and ice are fairly common, although you can bet that no one ever banks on it happening to them.

If this happens to you or someone you love then it's a good idea to get the into the warm as soon as possible. Then you can assess the severity of the fall.

It's pretty easy to sprain a wrist or ankle in the snow, but a cold compress may help to get the swelling down. If they are suffering from a lot of pain, then they may have broken a bone, so it's worth going the ER to get an x-ray. Remember bones will heal much quicker once a break has been recognized and set properly.

Power cuts

Another unexpected turn of events that can happen during the winter is a power cut. Power cuts can be a nightmare as they can leave you in the dark with no food or heat.

The best thing to do to prevent this is to be prepared for the bad weather and have an emergency generator. But if this isn't possible then get some gas heaters and keep some food in, that doesn't need any refrigeration.

Texan Treasures: Highlights To Discover In The Lone Star State

Has the cold winter weather got you thinking about your next vacation? If so, why not consider a trip to Texas? This vast state has something for everyone. Whether you’re planning a chic city break with friends or a fun family holiday, this could be the perfect choice. Here are some of the most precious Texan treasures for you to discover.

For the city slicker
If you’re looking for a cosmopolitan city break in Texas, look no further than Dallas. You’ll be greeted by the sight of futuristic looking skyscrapers and shopping malls, and you can dine in style. Dallas has long been associated with glitz and glamor, and it certainly lives up to its reputation. While you’re in town, make sure you take a wander around the Arts District and try and catch the Cowboys in action.

If you’re searching for something a little more sedate, Austin is the place to be. Here, you’ll get an authentic taste of Texas, and you can embrace the laid back vibe. You can’t visit Austin without catching a gig or concert of some sort. This is not known as the live music capital of the US for nothing. Other highlights include Zilker Park and Lady Bird Lake and Bullock Texas State History Museum.

For the outdoor adventurer
If you thrive in the outdoors, Big Bend National Park is a must for your Texan itinerary. This enchanting national park is famed for its stargazing opportunities and deep canyons. This is one of the best places in the world to sleep under the stars, and explore awe-inspiring natural wonders. You can travel by boat, foot or bike. There’s something different around every corner, and you’ll never tire of the captivating scenery. If you’re keen to get the best out of Big Bend, camp or hire an RV. You could spend weeks exploring. But if you don’t have this luxury, hike the Chisos Mountains, relax in the hot springs, and search for elusive mountain lions.

For the sunseeker
Are you a fan of beach holidays, or are you looking for a family-friendly spot? If so, Galveston Island could be right up your street. This island retreat offers the perfect blend of fun and relaxation. You can soak up the sun on over 30 miles of beaches. Or take a look at a guide to Galveston Island and plan some memorable days out. Moody Gardens is a great place for families with museums and an aquarium on-site. Nearby Schlitterbahn Waterpark is another popular spot. A trip to the Strand will take you back in time. This charming stretch is home to traditional houses, shops, galleries, and museums.

Texas may not be your first thought when the word vacation pops up. But it has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re after an urban adventure or a walk on the wild side, the Lone Star state will deliver. Relax and unwind on the sun-drenched shores, camp out under the starry skies or shop ‘til you drop! If the winter blues are setting in, why not start planning your next vacation now?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Don’t Ignore These Common Family Health Issues

Being a mom, you often have a lot on your plate. It can be pretty easy to let some of the little things slide, especially if the kids don't shout loud enough about them! They can just get lost in the din. But sometimes common and everyday health problems can signify a more worrisome underlying issue. Read on to find out what these are and how you can deal with them.

Tooth Ache

So toothaches are fairly common, especially in families where the kids are teething. It could even be you or your husband that are still having problems with your wisdom teeth! But it is worth getting any kind of toothaches checked out if they haven't gone away in a few days.

This is because sometimes toothache is a sign of tooth decay. This can not only be very painful but also runs the risk of becoming infected or causing a nasty abscess in the mouth. This is turn can be dangerous to the sufferer's overall health. That is why it is important to get to the dentist as soon as possible.


Small areas of tooth decay can be dealt with, with a filling. This should stop any further damage and can save the tooth. Instead, of leaving it and having to go through the nasty procedures of removals.


Everyone gets headaches now and again. They can be from stress, tiredness or even from not drinking enough water to stay hydrated.  But if you notice that you or your kids are getting regular headaches it should be a sign that something else is going on.

One reason for headaches can be eye strain. This is where you are struggling to read or look at the TV, but your eyes are having trouble making out the images. If you suspect this, then speak to a professional at your local eye center. They will be able to give the kids a check up and see if they need a prescription for glasses.


There are also specific conditions that cause headaches such as migraines. These are a very extreme form of headaches that are disabling and can cause sickness and changes in vision. They can take a long while to recover from too. If you suspect migraines ask you doctor for advice on the next step to take.


Feeling or being sick is something that we have all been through and will likely go through again. It is not uncommon, and there are many reasons for it. But some cases we should be look at more closely.  

For example, if you are vomiting a lot it can signify that there is something else wrong like an internal problem or food poisoning. It can also leave you dehydrated. In extreme cases, patients that cannot stop vomiting may need to be admitted to hospital.

If a person is feeling or being sick, a lot is can also be linked to depression and anxiety. If you suspect this, then getting them some help, either in the form of medication or counseling, can help them deal with this it a constructive way.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals (US) #Swagbucks

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This page has everything you need to take advantage of some great "shopportunities" for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the entire week leading up to them! The page will be updated each day with new deals and opportunities to get free gift cards.

If you haven't heard of them, is an easy, quick way to earn cash back and gift cards by shopping online or doing other everyday activities like taking surveys or watching videos. When you do those things, you earn points (called SB) that you redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and more!

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Make Family Life Easier By Getting Insurance As a Senior Citizen!

Throughout your life, there will be many instances when you need insurance. You’ll take out policies when you buy a car or purchase your first house. As you get older, there comes a time when you need more insurance too.

In this piece, I will talk about two essential insurance policies that you should take out when you’re a senior citizen. After this, I will explain why it’s so important that you have this insurance. Without further ado, let’s get into the article:

Life Insurance

Naturally, speaking about death is never a fun thing to do. No one likes to sit down and think about the moment in which they die. Having said that, it’s something that needs to be discussed and thought through at some length. It’s no secret that you move closer to death's door as a senior citizen. And, you have to remember that you leave a family behind you when you pass away. So, it’s your duty to leave them in the best financial position possible.

Most people will write a will that splits up their assets to their living relatives and family. However, you should also get life insurance. Life insurance helps you give something extra to your family when you die. It’s a policy that you can take out when you pass a certain age - people normally do it after retirement. You make contributions to this policy throughout the years, and the sum of the insurance grows and grows. Then, when you die, your family can make a claim on this policy. They’ll then get the money and can use it to live a better life with fewer financial burdens.

Burial Insurance

Again, this is not the most enjoyable of topics to talk about. However, much like death, it’s something you need to plan for. If you don’t plan for your funeral, then you’ll leave your family in a bit of a pickle. Did you know that funerals can cost thousands of dollars? It’s true, you have burial costs and the cost of a tombstone - it’s ridiculous. But, there are some ways you can prepare for this and reduce the financial burden on your family.

The most obvious of which is to get burial insurance to help your family deal with the funeral costs. As seen here there are a couple of types of burial insurance. Figure out which one is best for you and your family before applying. This is something all senior citizens should try and do. Burial insurance is slightly different to generic life insurance as the sums that get paid tend to come in smaller amounts. However, it’s still just as essential for providing your family with a foundation to cover funeral costs.

Benefits Of Having Insurance

These two insurance types are essential as you get older. The unique thing about them is that you aren’t insuring physical objects. With things like home/car insurance, you’re insuring the two items. You’re protecting them in case something goes wrong. With life/burial insurance you’re protecting your family when things take a turn for the worse, and you pass away.

That’s the main benefit of having some type of life insurance like these two options. You can provide some extra money for your family, which they may need. Paying for a funeral can set a family back thousands of dollars. This is money they may require to pay for your grandchildren’s college or help them get through the month. With burial insurance, you give them the funds to pay for your funeral without having to worry about their finances. With life insurance, you can supply them with extra money to make them more financially stable.

Getting insurance can also give you peace of mind when you’re older. You will feel more at ease knowing that you’re providing for your family in the event of your passing. A lot of seniors worry about the financial implications their death will have on their family. Insurance banishes these worries and makes you feel at ease with yourself.

I will round of this article by saying that life is full of financial decisions that impact family life. As the article here shows, financial worries start when you have kids. They can cost a lot of money to raise, putting your family in tough positions. It’s always important to plan ahead and prepare for the big moments in life. It doesn’t matter if they’re the happiest moments or the saddest, you need to prepare and keep your family in a good financial position.


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