Monday, October 17, 2016

Three Top Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves Food!

It's that time of year again where many of us start to think about what we are going to get family and friends for Christmas. Obviously, it's only October, but as a lot of you will know, you can never be too prepared for the festive season. Chances are you have a few people's birthdays around the same time of year to consider too, so last-minute gifts are out of the question. Plus, leaving it until the week of Christmas before you order anything can cause a myriad of issues. Delivery tends to be expensive or delayed due to the busy services, and you may find yourself fighting with other customers for certain goods. Why not beat the festive rush and organize some unique, innovative family presents that everyone will love? Edible gifts can be ordered in advance to arrive close to the big day and make a perfect present you know your loved ones will enjoy.

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A hamper

A hamper is a great edible gift idea if you aren't exactly sure what you friend or family member will fancy in terms of food and drink. You can either buy ready-made hampers from certain companies which contain a whole hoard of different items, or you can make your own. This is also a chance to create a thoughtful present for someone with a specialist diet. For example, you may have a friend who is a vegan or know someone who lives with celiac disease. Often buying for a specialized diet can be difficult and expensive, so they will appreciate the effort you've put into making a hamper just for them. Decorate with ribbons and bows and you're good to go!


In our modern culture, alcohol is seen as a treat - something we don't drink regularly due to its effects, but something we will have on special occasions. The festive period is generally seen as a time of indulgence where people allow themselves to drink a little more than is perhaps usual. Therefore there's never been a better time of year to start planning a boozy gift for a loved one if that is what they'll appreciate. If you feel like getting creative, why not try brewing your own beer at home? There are plenty of home-brew kits available so you can come up with your own concoction. If that sounds like too much effort, order some quality alcohol instead. You can even buy personalized wine bottle labels, to make the gift extra special.

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Baked goods

Everyone loves a sweet treat. They are something more and more of us tend to munch on as winter sets in due to the comforting flavor. Order in advance to get your hands on various goods from abroad, such as German specialty biscuits or authentic Turkish delight. The good thing about baked goods is that they tend to have a longer shelf life than 'fresh' food. But if you want to order something to arrive fresh, there are still some dessert options - after all, you can now buy mail order pies!

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