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Happy Birthday Daddy! Thoughtful Gift Ideas From The Kids For Your Husband

It can be a challenge enough buying gifts for your other half from you. But when it comes to finding gifts from the kids, it can be even more difficult. You want to get him something memorable which shows him how much the kids love him. But it’s also good to go for something that he can use on a daily basis. Of course, you should firstly talk to your kids about ideas they may have for their father. If they are stuck for ideas, here are some thoughtful gift ideas from the kids for your husband.

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Bake him a cake

A lot of guys have a sweet tooth, but don’t often get to enjoy treats in the home. After all, if there are cakes or chocolate in the house, it’s typically consumed by one of the kids before they get a chance to take a bite! Therefore, for a birthday present, he will love, you and the kids should make him a cake! It will be a lot of fun for the kids, and it’s something they can get involved in making. You should think of the perfect flavor which will tickle his taste buds. For example, your partner might love triple chocolate or might prefer a simple jam cake. Once you have decided what you want to make, you can buy the ingredients to create the cake. Then you can give the kids individual jobs to help make the delicious cake. To save some time, you could buy a plain cake and then just let the kids decorate it. That way, they can make it personal without having to get stressed with the baking!. Remember to put ‘daddy’ on the top to make it special for your partner!

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Get him a bottle of alcohol

You should also look at getting him a bottle of his favorite tipple. After all, he probably doesn’t get to enjoy a drink very often when he’s busy with the kids. Your partner will enjoy a glass of the drink in the evening. Of course, it can make a boring gift for your kids to give their dad. Therefore, to make it more personal, you could consider getting a fun label to add to the bottle. You can look online to find something similar to these Crushtag customized wine labels. That way, your kids can write a special message, and it can go around the bottle to make it extra special.

Make him a photo book

It’s time to get old photos out and work with the kids to make him a photo book. It’s fun to reminisce with the kids as you look through old pics. Remember to select pictures of him since being a daddy to look back on. It will definitely bring a smile to his face on his birthday. Once you have stuck down all the photos, you can let the kids decorate around the cute photographs. Add some funny captions which will make him laugh. If you and the kids don’t feel like being creative, you could always order one online. You can still personalize the book, but it saves all the sticking and cutting for the experts.

Let the kids draw him picture

Dads secretly love receiving drawings from their kids. They often put it up at work, so when they are having a bad day, they lift their spirits by looking at the drawing. Therefore, as a thoughtful gift that your husband will love, get the kids to draw him a picture he can keep forever. You might want to suggest they draw a picture of them with their daddy or even him tucking into his birthday cake. It’s something original that he won’t get from anyone else.

Make a list of promises

If your hubby is always moaning at the kids, you might want to let them create a list of promises for their dad for his birthday. It might be things such as promising to clean their room or doing their homework before playing on the computer. After all, they might always have to be asked twice to do it! Or it might be things they can do for their dad such as promising to get him a drink at night time or making breakfast in bed. It will make a funny list that your husband will love.  

Buy him a new phone case

A phone case would be an ideal gift for your other half from the kids. For one thing, it’s practical as it will stop your other half from breaking their phone. After all, it’s so easy for it to slip out of their hands and end up smashed on the floor. But also, you can make it personal by making the cover a photo of the kids. That way, he will always have a picture close by of his loved ones!

Help them make a goodie basket

You could always make your other half a wonderful goodie basket full of his favorite things. Choose treats he doesn't get to enjoy very often such as crisps, chocolate, and biscuits. You could always add a bottle of something for him to enjoy when he’s tucking into these treats. The kids could help you make the basket so that they get involved in making the present too!

Have a day doing something he loves

Poor parents are dragged along to countless things they don’t want to do. So for a special birthday treat, you should do something that he loves for a change. It might be that your family goes to see a film of his choice. Or if he’s a fan of a particular sport, you could all go along and take part in the activity. As this feature says, by spending time with him doing what he loves, it will create a great memory for your family!

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Create a thank you note

You should also create a thank you note for your hubby from the kids. After all, those times he went the extra mile as a dad need to be rewarded. Get the kids to write down what they love about their dad and times they were thankful for his help. It’s a lovely thoughtful gift that will remind him he’s a great daddy!

Of course, these can also apply to Father’s Day and Christmas!

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