Saturday, September 3, 2016

#OKQuake Shook my KC House ... God's Fault or Man's Fault? #faultline #freakingfracking

Growing up, I loved the show Laverne and Shirley. They were from the Midwest originally and those episodes were awesome, but then they moved to California. Sometimes there were earthquakes and they were flipping scary, and as a kid I was like, "I LOVE California and would love to live there but ... earthquakes. Holy crap. How helpless do you feel when that crap is going on?"

Now I know!

I'd felt a few earthquakes in my Overland Park, Kansas home over the years. At first I thought it was the dog UNDER the bed somehow shaking the whole thing by scratching himself then realized the dog was not in the room. Then I, watching too many horror movies as a kid (thanks, Mom and Dad), was like, "GHOST! POLTERGEIST!"

It probably happens more than I know ... I only feel these shock waves from Oklahoma when I'm in bed. One night a few years ago (2011?) my whole family felt them as well in different bedrooms. This morning's was the worst.

My husband had left for a bike ride half an hour earlier and I had JUST woken up and was contemplating getting out of bed. I mean, 7 a.m. is sleeping in for me.

Then the bed started its little shimmy and, yes, "GHOST!" went through my mind for like a second (don't judge). Then it kept going and I knew. Earthquake. In Kansas. Again.

I figured I'd just ride it out, but then the closet doors started shaking. No huge trucks going down my road to shake the house like sometimes happens. Just the whole house shaking and I felt ... well, helpless. But I feel like it's getting to be time to start doing some drills or something with the kids California-style?

Like next time should I wake them all up and run outside? I don't freaking know!

My husband's text back to me was: "Dang, hopefully it will bring my back door back into fitting." Seriously, our doors are starting to really get off kilter!

In the meantime, let's enjoy a few of my Facebook posts from this morning when I realized this junk might not be God, but may be something WE STUPID, ARROGANT, GREEDY HUMANS are doing:.

My first post, the most eloquent and informative: Earthquake.

Really, though, who thought up the name "fracking"? It's like when you are trying to cuss and that's your sub word. #okquake

Where the hell is Erin Brockovich when we need her? Does she have like a bat signal? #okquake

Forget the #zombieapocalypse. The new Midwest concern is the US splitting in half. #newmadrid #okquake

Ooh, I know! How about a super fun map of how the USA COULD look someday for my great-grandchildren: split in half! I say cremate me when I die because the cemeteries are going to be toast in my part of town. And it's cheaper.

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