Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Need Extra Cash? Sell These Items From Your Home!

Whether you’re looking for a new home or saving up for a vacation, your family could probably benefit from having some extra cash. But if you can’t get a better job or are unable to increase your work hours, this can be a difficult thing to achieve. Rather than putting your financial goals on hold, there is something you can do to start saving more. Like most family homes, your property is probably filled with items that you no longer use but can sell for cash. So to help you get started, here are three popular items homeowners can sell quickly and easily to get the money they need.

Wedding Dress

If your wedding dress has been gathering dust for years, why not consider selling it. This is something that many people don’t consider doing. But it can be worthwhile and give you a decent amount of money. Wedding dresses are always in demand and brides will spend a fortune if they think this is their perfect dress. Look for companies online who buy preowned dresses to see what it's worth or list it on auction sites like eBay. You can also do this with your kid’s prom and bridesmaid dresses if they have any. Not only will you get some extra cash, but your dress will go on to make another bride very happy.


Now we can create playlists on our phone and tablets, many of us don’t have a use for CDs anymore. So rather than letting them take up valuable space in your home, think about selling your old CDs instead. There are a number of sites online that buy CDs from all different kinds of genres. As well as CD’s, also consider selling any old records, DVDs and VHS tapes you might have.  Some people collect these items and will regularly check garage sales to find the ones they need for their collection. You might only get a small amount per item, but this will quickly add up.


In most family homes, there will be bookcases of books that haven’t been read for years. Instead of hoarding these unwanted items, selling them might be a more viable option. From cookbooks to storybooks, books are items people are always interested in buying. Search every inch of your home for books you and your family no longer read. Then go online and look for companies that buy books to see how much money you can make. For first editions and signed books, you might want to consider listing them on eBay or approaching bookstores. Of course, garage sales are also another option. Just ensure the books are complete and in a good condition

Selling these items either online or in a garage sale can benefit your life in multiple ways. It gives you the extra cash you need to top up your income. But it also gives you more space within your home, making it more organized and comfortable to live in. So start looking around your home to see what you can start selling.

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