Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Get Rid of the Myths Related to Metal Roofing

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Get rid of the myths related to metal roofing
As per the historians, it has been thousands of years that metal roofing has been around, in one or the other form. Romans, for instance, were used to have copper as a roofing material. While in today’s market world, metal is capturing ever growing and huge range of share in the residential re-roofing market. There have been several misconceptions about the metal being used as roofing material. Most of the roofers in Huddersfield are also suggesting the re-roofing the residential market with metal. Need is to ensure that one makes contact with a roofer that are known to be highly reliable. But first let us have a discussion about what wrong misconceptions have been there related to metal re-roofing.
They attract lightning:
We all know that metal is a good conductor of electricity but it does not mean it attract lightning too. It is a general rule that in any area, the lightning bolts are drawn to the highest possible object. It is due to this fact that they are often seen to be striking the trees or poles rather than houses. Moreover, even if the electricity is to strike the metal roof, it will disperse through it safely. Last but not the least; the grounded lightning rod is an appropriate addition to the just any building that does not have any taller structure around it.
They are heavy:
It should not come as surprise to you that materials like tin; copper and aluminum are lighter in weight. Let me be honest, weight is and can never be an issue when it is about protecting ones home. In comparison to this roofs that are made of heavy tiles have higher risk of roof collapse during winter particularly when heavy snow mounts up on the structure.
They are costly:
Metal roofing is far less expensive as compared to the slate. Then again, metal is relatively with expensive up front but the extended life time of the metal roofing saves a lot of money in the long run. Also it lasts longer with lesser maintenance.
They stand out:
People usually want to have roof with product that stands out the roofs in the neighborhood. But with the protective coating of aluminum, zinc or the combination of the both; the roofs look the same. It further expands the life span.
They are noisy:
Trust me, metal roofs do not sound like a tin or a drum when it rains. Installed with a solid sheathing; the material is as quiet as other kinds of roofs.

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