Thursday, April 7, 2016

Remodeling a Kitchen on a Budget Without Losing Your Sanity #DIYKitchen

Just kidding! Some sanity was lost, but not much. Nobody was injured in the making of our kitchen, the dream kitchen for some fabulous person in the future. Thought you'd want to see some pix. There is already some interest in purchasing our home so bring on the bidding war ... we are hoping to get half a mil for it so we can find our dream property in the country on 10 acres complete with butler, cook, and personal trainer so TELL YOUR FRIENDS about our lovely home on the corner across from an elementary school at 9028 Grant Street in Overland Park, KS!!! (I put the address because I like to Google addresses I find on or Zillow and there's never anything cool or personal about them ... and I want potential buyers to know we put a lot of love into this kitchen to make it nice for them and that we believe in karma and did not create a crappy product just to hurry up and move!)


Here is my wonderful husband's handiwork. Countertops bought at Home Depot and installed by TopMaster and they did a great job. Undermount sink so I can wipe junk right into it and not into my hand ... woo hoo! New faucet. New hood. Newish gas stove and dishwasher. New backsplash, which took Aron all weekend to put in and looks amazing. Yeah, I know the white fridge doesn't match, but the buyer can move their own stainless one in to matchy matchy.

Aron will make doors for the pantry and redo the floor to be some sort of wood or lookalike ... I don't know what I'm talking about.


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