Monday, April 4, 2016

Your Kid Should be Fundraising #JudgyMom

Yes, fundraising can be a pain. Check out my article about the 10 benefits of it, though, please, over at Calgary's Child

I run the risk of getting tomatoes thrown at me here, but I think you are doing your kid a disservice by letting them get out of doing it at least once a year, by not even sending them to ONE HOUSE or asking ONE RELATIVE or friend. Yes, I help mine out by posting on Facebook, but they also have to pound the pavement and ASK and get rejected. It's good for someday when they have to ask for money for a charity walk they are doing or ask for money for a mutual friend in need. I used to say kids should do it 100% themselves but I'm an enabler and I also like to help raise money for causes, so sue me. Who cares if we are doing it TOGETHER as a team? Certainly not the charity.

Sure, every family has to do what's right for them and not over-extend, but we have to teach our kids about doing things for a GREATER REASON THAN FOR OURSELVES. This recent Scout flower fundraiser my teen did results in my kid getting ZERO MONEY ... but his troop needs tents desperately so he did it anyway. The goal for each kid in the troop was $250 and he surpassed that with just a little bit of effort built into his homeschooling, refereeing, co-op homework, socializing, soccer practices and games, helping me out, mowing and a zillion other things he has going on.

And yes, it's a pain for his dad and I to ride his case about doing it when we also have jobs and lives and four other kids and carpooling and sports practices to get people to and games to get to and remodeling our kitchen so we can move off this racetrack they call a street. 

Yes, it sucked going around putting fliers on doors about our Christmas tree pick-up service then going to pick them up during Christmas break. No, I didn't really have time to whip up those boxed brownie and cake mixes for the bake sale ... so I'm going to go all "life coach" on you and say: I don't want to hear your excuses! It costs you nothing to stand on the sidewalk while your kid knocks on a door, that's all I know for sure.

I remember getting a letter from my brother-in-law because he was going on a mission trip to build houses in another country. He needed money and sent that letter to all his friends and family. The other night I ran into a teacher from our local Catholic school and she had to raise money for a 60-mile, 3-day walk she does every year in Texas and it's for charity. She raises it for breast cancer research and says some won't donate because of the Komen/Planned Parenthood link ... so you know she is facing rejection when she asks yet she does it anyway year after year!

I'm not saying your kid has to win awards here, but at least send him up the block to 5 houses and call it good. If all 5 neighbors say no, at least a shot was given. He can say he tried instead of shrugging and saying, "Oh well, who cares?"

And, yes, send your kid to my house. I will always buy something if I can!

What do you think?

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