Monday, February 22, 2016

#CatholicHippieCallie the Pillow-Making Queen: How To Make a Neck Pillow

So, below, here is us at JoAnn's Fabric Store after a long day kinda out of town visiting my fan-freaking-tastic grandma and aunts with my mom for my Aunt Pat's birthday, above (like an hour and a half away to me is out of town, folks).

And here is Callie making her first pillow! This one may have been for Sam or Joel.

A pillow for sister Eva!


Michael gets a pillow!

Mommy got her pillow a few weeks later and sleeps with it every night!

So proud of my talented daughter and she is so grateful for her sewing machine she got for Christmas from my grandma and her Great Susie! She just pretty much cuts the fabric however she wants and then sews it inside out, turns it right side in/out and then stuffs it with stuffing we also got at JoAnn's. Then she hand sews the last little bit she left open for stuffing!

Oh, my friend Kay just asked where Callie learned to do this. So here is where she went to sewing camp for a few days end of last summer and learned how to make a skirt from my friend Suzanne. Otherwise, she just did the pillows mostly on her own, with some help from her friend Ana next door. She really like to figure things out on her own and always has!