Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Best Day Ever at #Catholic #Co-op #CrazyProudMom #SharkDissection #FunSmartMomCommunity

Today was my favorite day so far at our Catholic Homeschool Co-op at Christ the King Academy in Kansas City. My kids are really taking to co-op and it's still strange for me to realize that my 6-year-old and 8-year-old took off at recess without even telling me goodbye so they could go to storytime, PE and then Science for two hours straight! It really says something about the families in the co-op ... my kids are learning independence, gaining knowledge in different areas, all taking PE class, making friends and more! We are definitely going back next year. I just have to figure out what I'm going to teach!

This morning was 3rd hour (we only go for 3 learning hours) Drama for Joel and PE for Callie and Michael. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for Sam and Eva and they happily polished brass candlesticks and learned how to cut flowers for the vases. They sang some songs and it was time for lunch. My three oldest go to Mass and I take Sam and Eva with me to run errands at lunchtime. Today was the bank, where I cashed a writing check then promptly spent it on drinks and snacks for co-op. Back for lunch and recess.

Anyway, today was SHARK DISSECTION DAY in 4th hour, a long-anticipated day for middle school science class kids in Mrs. Vickery's class. While Joel was in Music Appreciation class, Callie and Michael were dissecting a shark. Or starting to, anyway. Michael is working on his alone and Callie is partnered up with her bestie Ciara, my awesome friend Jill's daughter. My friend Katie swept the cafeteria for me and the helper in science was out, SO I GOT TO HELP WITH THE DISSECTIONS! My wry son Michael says, "Mrs. McLoughlin, are you helping in this class today?" Tweens!

Keep in mind when I was 15 in high school Biology class, I did not do anything of this sort. No way. I was that kid who pawned it off to my partner. Now that I am old and have given birth and dealt with diapers and making milk come out of my chest, not to mention holding hands of kids getting stitches, including seeing Joel's skull bone once, not a lot grosses me out anymore. Bring it on!

This week we just lopped off the top two fins and did some cutting on the belly. And took silly pictures. I think next week after I'm doing mopping I'm going to help some more in Science! I have to say how INSANELY PROUD I am of these children. ALL OF THEM. I figured some would cave and have an adult do it for them but THEY ALL DID IT, scalpel in hand. They really rock. I have tears in my eyes as I write this ... I am so proud to be part of this group of people!

So then on to PE with my son's awesome Confirmation sponsor, Mrs. DeFeo, who has 10 kids and is totally fabulous-looking and on top of stuff and a great teacher! I'm a helper in that class with Joel (so I got to be in a class with each of my kids today, WHICH AS A HELICOPTER MOMMY, I LOVED!). I don't care if Joel pretends not to know me. I am happy to be in the presence of my teen, is all. I got to figure out how to blow up flat basketballs, do some dribbling and running, and played with the teacher's precious 2-year-old son. I got to attempt to do a push-up. No luck there but I can dribble a basketball!

This ends the GREAT DAY BACK TO CO-OP 2016. Oh, where were Callie and Michael while I was in PE? Oh, they were just in EGYPTIAN MUMMIFICATION with the super-cool Mrs. Ousley!

The kids at co-op hug each other (even the dudes), are respectful to the adults, helpful, kind, go to dances, have birthday parties, go ice skating together, go to Theology of the Body for Teens together, have Airsoft wars. They are incredible and I'm glad I get to hang out with them!

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