Friday, October 23, 2015

"The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" for a Big Family

I had heard of this book before, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, many times. I was intrigued. I wonder, how is it different from other books I have read on organizing? The other day my friend Jill said she was reading it and that is was really making her think about getting rid of a lot of things and that she knew it would help with her peace of mind in general. That sounded goooood to me as well! (disclaimer: I have now figured out that if you buy the book from my site using the link below I might make a few cents)

I mean, I feel like I've gotten rid of a lot of things over the years. And we don't hit every gift shop on the way out of every zoo anymore ... I'm not trying to buy my kids' love so much anymore or spoil them with presents because presents take over our smallish house with seven people living in it. So I have put the brakes somewhat on buying things and acquiring things for the kids and I have given away a lot of my own stuff but we still have a lot, especially that "just in case" stuff and "aspirational" stuff like smaller or bigger clothing and books I may or may not read someday.

So I feel like I have a PRETTY GOOD grasp on the whole "get rid of crap" concept. So much so that I see other people's clutter lately and I am itching to help organize it and carry half of it to the recycle bin and another 25% to Goodwill. I feel like if I had a psychology degree I could really be a professional organizer and help some people out for a side job!

As usual, I digress.

So I have this book on hold as an audiobook at the library. I'm hoping to get it soon so I can walk and learn how to awesome-size my life. Mr. Kerrie would certainly be happy if I did this. I hear the author has no kids herself and thinks the purge should be a MAJOR EVENT, but kids outgrow crap so we'll have to make this MAJOR EVENT happen probably twice a year.

I'll just apply her ideas to kids and see how we do; I hear she has tips for organizing children and those with ADD, which I seriously have a touch of. My mom doesn't believe me but I'm like, "Mom, how many times did you guys call me SIDETRACK and ride me for getting lost in trying to clean up my room?" I'm the same way at 44 only probably a bit worse and focus is like a 4-letter word in my world unless I'm working on a writing project or really in the zone with homeschooling or something. So it sounds like the author has tips for those of us who can't fathom tackling a huge project like this and suggests things like (I'm totally making this up) "organize just the spoons in the drawer, not ALL the silverware."

Check out this quote then go buy the book!

I'll probably have to write my own version for those with kids and then for those with big families for inexpensive, self-published ebook world where I live!