Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy 18-Year Anniversary to Aron and Kerrie McLoughlin

This post originally appeared one year ago today and I'm pretty much just recycling it! Twenty-one years together, eighteen married today. Planning on heading out for lunch alone together today. No cruise planned, no island vacation. We are weird and we prefer being around our babies, who are not babies anymore. You see, we had SIX YEARS of knowing each other before we had kids so we had lots of time to sow our wild oats ... fancy dinners, movies out, quiet times by the fireplace, even a trip to New England for two weeks. We'll have time together after the kids move out as well. I dig him and he digs me and there you go. Have a great week!

Wedding day 10/10/98 I love you even more today, Aron!
Honeymoon in San Diego ... this is at Disneyland

And this is what our love has made :-)

Aron is such a great guy that he lets me do things like this to him!

His is the king of our world

More honeymoon ... a little harbor cruise in San Diego ... let's go back with the kids!!! Well, we went back with four of them in 2008 but Sam needs to go too