Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On Wednesdays ... We Wear Uniforms ... #HomeschoolCoop2015

I can't explain how excited I am about the Christ the King Academy homeschool coop this year. I wanted to get into a coop once I could really devote myself to it and make sure we had what we needed and get there on time and participate and help out and wanted to make sure my kids were of an age where they would stay in their classes happily ... more or less.

Today was that day!

The satisfaction feedback questionnaire I gave my kids after coop today put them at about an overall 70-80% satisfaction. (I really asked them to rate their day on a scale of 1-10.)

I was worried the littles would not stay in classes without me while I helped in other classes. I was worried they would not keep quiet or still in Catechesis. I was worried Michael would hate the whole thing since he prefers Legos to most people.

I did more praying than worrying, though ... it turned out great ... even with an Eva who didn't feel her best the night before and a Callie who fell into the corner of a wall the night before, giving herself a lovely little cut on the back of her head. I slept on the floor of the girls' room last night so I could check on them. I was worried (there is that word again) we would not make our first day of coop.

WOO HOO! What a great time. What amazing women and cool children. What organization and communication and terrific library and classes. I am already wondering what I might be able to teach next year to elementary age kidlets that they would find fun.

So, Mom and Dad, your grandchildren are getting socialization like crazy and great classes and fun and friends and also all their educational needs are being met at home with me teaching virtual school.

Oh, their classes are:

Joel: Drama, Music Appreciation and PE
Michael and Callie: PE, Science Experiments and Lego Robotics (second semester is Egyptian Mummification)
Eva and Samuel: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Storytime, PE and Science Experiments

Check back for more posts about homeschooling fun!

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