Monday, July 20, 2015

Kerrie Debates a Popular, Viral #Motherhood Graphic

When I first saw this graphic on Facebook I was like YEAH! RIGHT ON! WOO HOO. IN YOUR FACE, people who don't like my messy house!

Then I was like, hmmmmm. Let me think about all that for a moment. So I shall pick it apart for your reading pleasure.

  1. It's not just moms who have messy houses. I was a super pig before I ever had kids, and you can verify that with my parents and my husband.
  2. So my house won't be too spotless. I don't want it that way anyway because then I'll be all anal and mean when the grandkids get a muddy shoe on my rug and I never want to be like that. I never want my grandkids to feel like they are a pain in my ass or that they are intruding on my quiet time.
  3. It probably won't be too quiet because I like to have a radio on and I will also be talking off Mr. Kerrie's ear like I like to do. He loves it.
  4. I hopefully won't be lonely because I will hopefully still have Mr. Kerrie, assuming he puts up with me that long.
  5. I'm an only child so lonely doesn't scare me. Bring it on.
  6. I bet the kids will come around sometimes so I won't be lonely 24/7. I bet they bring girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, spouses and eventually kids.
  7. Even if I live in the country there will be neighbors and friends and townsfolk (like that word?) who will yack my dang ear off most likely.
  8. My parents had me young and I'm their only kid so I bet you 5 bucks I get to help take care of them. They are divorced, so that means double time for me, dammit.
Pretty sure I won't be too lonely or bored when the crazy kids are gone, but I will miss these times with a heartache like no other, that is for sure. You might find me scrapbooking and also looking at old scrapbooks while crying because I am missing my kids being little so badly.

Then I will hop a jet to Italy to take my mind off the sadness.

This ends another episode of Kerrie Dissects a Popular, Viral Graphic. Please join us next time.

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  1. Funny! I had to comment because I hate memes as they are most often a terribly illogical fallacy. Thx for the chuckle.


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