Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Business Cards and Other Great Supplies for My Direct Sales Businesses and for My Life as a Busy Mom

Okay, so it's pretty common knowledge around here that I am a Jamberry consultant and also a Younique independent presenter. I am also an author and a proofreader for hire. And a mom of five. And a wife. And a blogger. That's a lot to fit onto one teeny, weeny, tiny business card. I've been doing it this way but have seen people get out a magnifying glass to read all my tiny text on my card.

Just kidding, but you know what I'm getting at.

I've been seeing this Moo business card all over Facebook and wondered about it so I went to check it out and turns out I can get a biz card of a LARGER size in a cool square ... to fit all my fun on there. Then I can put a cool image or graphic on the back and BAM! I am good to go as far as selling myself and my products. And my big card won't be forgotten, either ...

Oh, and if you want something even more different than their square card, they also have mini options and luxe versions. Lots of options besides the same old, same old. Check it out, no matter what your lifestyle is like!

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