Monday, June 8, 2015

Hyland's Nerve Tonic for #CrazyMoms

*Originally written on Bubblews on September 22, 2014
I love my new neighbor so much. She is super sweet and seems so patient and everything, but today I showed her my Hyland's Nerve Tonic and told her I yell sometimes and she said she also does and she is surprised I can’t hear her with the windows open and I said, “Same!” She is REAL, much like my friend Jill … we can vent to each other about things, important things, and talk about our shortcomings as mothers and wives.
Mr. Kerrie left town last night and will essentially be gone through Sunday night. Getting on a REAL (virtual) homeschool schedule is kicking my butt. We got out this afternoon and are having a light day, but tomorrow will be tough and Wednesday someone comes to our house to do testing and I am freaking out a bit.

So I took all the crazies to Whole Foods looking for motherwort. They did not have any and instead I picked up some Hyland’s Nerve Tonic for stress relief. It was $10 for 100 pills and that comes to around $10ish per month and that is cheaper than a prescription for Xanax or Zoloft and a hell of a lot safer for my system.
I popped 2 under my tongue immediately upon leaving Whole Foods and I’ll let you know how it goes. I just need something to give my frazzled nerves a little massage, you know?
Look how sweet and innocent they look!

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So I’m trying to take all 3 doses of my Hyland’s Nerve Tonic every day so I can give you an accurate picture of how it is working or if it is simply a placebo, as many think homeopathic remedies are. I know for a fact that the Hyland’s nighttime cough and cold works because my son can’t breathe, and then like half an hour after taking that he can. So bite it, naysayers.
Anyway, tonight the kids asked for one of my pills. They are melt-in-your-mouth, tasteless beauties and I checked the package. It says adults and kids 12 and older can take 1-2 three times per day and I’m taking 6 total in a day. However, homeopathic things are made so that you can’t overdose on them. Which I don’t understand. How can it work if a tiny bit works and also a large amount can’t kill you?
Digression: One of my kids took a whole bottle of Hyland’s bedwetting tablets and I called poison control and they said it was fine. I asked if maybe the kid wouldn’t pee for a week … haha!
Back to the point: kids 6-12 can take 3 tablets per day. I did not notice my kids getting any calmer, by the way.
UPDATED June 2015 ... yeah, I didn't notice a big enough difference to keep taking the stuff. I have since discovered Provincia de Pavia moscato and one glass after dinner maybe 3 times a week does wonders for my disposition. I think being a bit frazzled as a parent is normal, so there.

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