Friday, June 19, 2015

44 Is Fabulous! #44IsFabulous #BestYearYet

Today I am 44 years old. In Spanish, you would say the equivalent of I have 44 years. I like that better.

I'm not sure I thought much about what my 40s would be like when I was younger.

I'm pretty sure I looked at people in their 40s as old and boring. I probably thought married people in their 40s never had sex anymore, let alone still looked at their spouse with even more chemistry than in the first incredible year they had together after meeting.

My new progressive-lens glasses are super cool and purple with rhinestones and I am at a point where I don't give two craps what anybody thinks about my style, which has morphed into a kind of retro, vintage, mid-century mom who wears black nail polish while carrying her bag in the crook of her arm and has a bit of a potty mouth. I'm a mix of classy and sailor.

I am 44 with 5 young children who keep me on my toes and a husband who is my best friend ... and is still the only guy I want to be with after 20 years. I have wonderful parents and step-parents and parents-in-law. I have wonderful friends. I am living the life I always wanted to live, even though it is chaotic and scattered and busy.

I have wrinkles and sun damage and can be happy in no makeup or all made up ... whatever ... I'm getting more comfortable just being me.

Here's me on the eve of my 44th birthday. I am blessed beyond belief. I pray that you will be or were this happy at the age of 44.

no makeup and comfy
makeup and comfy with my nephew Roman

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