Friday, May 22, 2015

My Husband Won't Let Me (or All The Cool Crap Happens to Me at Target)

By now you must be sick of me talking about the stuff that happens to me at my local Target. Yes, the one where that girl was stolen and killed. Gives me the creeps every time I go there. I watch my back there for sure even though the likelihood of anyone stealing 43-year-old ME is basically zero. Anyway, someone is always somewhere in that store ready to give me a rash of crap about having a lot of kids or something and I pretty much expect it now. But tonight was a tad different, and I'm starting to have fun with it. (perks of being older)

So tonight I only had one single kid with me. The oldest one. The one who needed swim trunks like IMMEDIATELY. I love hurry shopping. Not. At the checkout they always try to sell me on the Red Card or whatever and I always say no. They pester me and I say no, my husband says no and that he doesn't like saving money. (sidenote: Mr. Kerrie says they have never asked him about the Red Card, which I don't get because I thought they asked EVERYONE)

So tonight I was in a hurry and I just said, "No, my husband won't let me."

And this young girl looked at me and asked, "He won't LET you?"

And I said, "Well, he LETS me homeschool and run several businesses from home so he's not entirely oppressive. It's just the Red Card."

You can blame my parents for my sense of humor where I like to mess with people and don't take a whole lot seriously! I didn't mean to make myself sound like a simp or anything; it's just that I haven't been with Mr. Kerrie for almost 20 years by ignoring everything he says and being entirely selfish 100% of the time. AND ... you can call yourself a feminist all you want and I'm cool with that. I am one of those myself ... it's all about the choice to live how you want, right? Except you're going to be a divorced feminist with a horribly broken family if you think you always have to have your way and win every fight. Don't worry; I fight the fights that are worth fighting to me and the Target Red Card just isn't one of them.

Honestly, Mr. Kerrie puts up with me and I'm not sure why. He even LETS me keep this messy office space in the corner of our kitchen so I can homeschool and work.

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