Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Have You Ever Had Shave Ice? #TropicalSnoKC

*I'm slowly taking decent posts down from Bubblews, where I used to write, and moving them here. Bubblews used to be a great place to write and they paid well, then they started changing things around to the detriment of their writers. Simply put, they can't have my stuff anymore! So you get it instead! This is a piece from April 2014.

Saturday my mom (Tutu to the kids) took us to a little building in a parking lot. It was called Tropical Sno and there are only two obscure locations so far. I hope by writing about it they will get super busy and rich and open some locations closer to my house.

My mom fell in love with shave ice in Hawaii when she would go with my dad every year when they were still married. You can pick up to 3 flavors in your shave ice and it is YUM! You can also make it meatier by putting some ice cream in the bottom of it for your shave ice and flavorings to run into.

It’s a little pricey … $15 for 5 of us to have 5 small shave ices … so about $3 for a small. But they have to pay their people and business expenses like the cup and the plastic thing that goes around the cup to hold drips.

I wish their cups were not Styrofoam but they did say soon they will have a recycling container for their #1 plastic things that hold the drips. It’s a shame right now that those all go in the trash. Just like it’s a shame about all the recyclables that go into the trash at every McDonald’s in my area.

If you are in Kansas City, check out this local business this summer!
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