Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tips for Driving in #Houston, #Texas

I was warned by several people about driving in Texas. And I remember being a kid and my parents would drive in Colorado and there were a lot of Texas drivers for some reason there and they mostly drove like idiots. So I was all prepared to get into some sort of traffic accident or something with someone who was not paying attention in Texas ...

And ...

... I honestly did not have problems with drivers in Houston any worse than I do in Kansas City. Stupid drivers are everywhere. I am one sometimes, so I know this fact. I get over too late to make my exit. I don't know where I'm going so I drive super slow. Maybe because I drive a huge bus now people make way for me? I don't know. But I didn't have issues.

People would let us in in traffic and I would tell the kids to wave to the person behind us as a thank you. They would ask, "A FIVE-fingered wave?" And I would say YES YES YES!

And you know something else? I can kinda understand why people might drive like butts there sometimes when they sit in traffic about 90% of their lives. There are so. many. people. who live in the 4th largest city in the country. After an hour of sitting in traffic I started acting like a butt as well. More than usual, anyway.

So here are your tips for driving in Houston should you find yourself living or visiting there:

  1. Be prepared to be in traffic. Just know it is going to happen. Don't have the attitude that there will be no traffic because there will be. If there is NOT traffic, you will be pleasantly surprised.
  2. Let people in. I believe in karma and if you let people in they will let you in. However, do not let that jerk who waits until the last second to get in when it has been advertised for 2 miles that the lanes are merging.
  3. Plan more time than usual to get somewhere.
  4. Plan more time than usual to get home.
  5. Map out your route before you go and check out different ways ... I've had Siri, Google, Yahoo and Mapquest all steer me wrong so sometimes a good old paper map is in order.
  6. If you are driving with kids in the car, plan accordingly. Make sure you have juice pouches or waters, as well as not-so-messy snacks.
  7. Make it fun when you are stuck. In Houston we would find ourselves in traffic around 5 p.m. most times so we started the 5 o'clock Dance Party and would turn up the music and dance like crazy people in the van. At least we were entertaining to those around us.

So give Houston a chance. I kinda actually fell in love with her. I kinda actually would move there if Mr. Kerrie came home and told me we had to move there because it was the only place he could find a good job. I would go willingly. For a coupla years, then Only Child Me (it's my show, after all) would have to come home to be near her Mommy and Daddy again, you know.

What are the drivers like where you live? What does your city or state get a bad rap for that is or is not fair?

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