Thursday, April 2, 2015

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 19: Leaving and Crying

Thursday. Leaving day. I am a happy person, people, and I can roll with stuff, but for some reason I got ATTACHED to Houston. I met family, I met a writer friend, I made friends at the hotel, I took my kids to the beach multiple times, I had meals cooked for me 10 times out of 21 each week. I lived in a small space with 6 other people and it worked. We loved it. I hated leaving and I cried. Here is our day:

Sleeping Sam.

After tons of traffic here and there, we stopped at a park to play.

Arriving at Embassy Suites in Norman, OK. Yes, my son is holding MY bottle of moscato. Yes, I had a glass. I'm still a kick-ass mom, so there. And humble.

Mr. Kerrie is beloved by Hilton so we got to stay on the top floor, the 10th floor, and this was our view. Free snacks and drinks from the machine! We stocked up!

The view of Norman from our room.

The girls' and Sam's bed in the living area. Mr. Kerrie took the boys swimming and the females stayed in the room to chill.

The big bedroom.

So weird but Joel says he opened the drawer and the Bible was already on the book of Joel. I think the hotel workers knew I was coming and found out his name from the blog and did it. Just kidding! FREAKY!
Tomorrow's post is all about us going home on Good Friday, acquiring our dog and going to church. Come back and see us!

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