Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How Do I Love #Target? Let Me Count the Ways!

I love Target. My kids love Target. My husband has been to Target to Christmas shop for me, but I can't say he LOVES Target, since I always come home from Target after spending at least $200. Today I am going to count the ways I love Target.

  • Even though the one I go to is not a SuperTarget, they have plenty of grocery options, making my life easy when I have to go there for one reason and then realize I need milk. We ALWAYS need milk.
  • Toy section is fantabulous for the kids ... they love to spend birthday money there and always find something they love.
  • I got a leather toy ottoman there years ago that still holds our toys and it's a great piece of furniture. It's not Target's fault my kids have trashed the top of it, and I have plans to re-cover it soon!!!
  • Clothing options rock for kids. In Houston we were in need of all sorts of things like shorts and jackets and T-shirts for the kids and we got what we needed and it was all reasonably priced.

  • Clothing options rock for me. I have a problem at Target because the clothes are so dang cute. All my T-shirts come from Target and they last forever. I also love dresses I have gotten there and socks and underwear and so on!
  • We can always find shoes there that are reasonably priced, cute and that fit well and last.
  • saved my life during the holiday season with their free shipping. I don't know how many different times I used that service and every time it was free!
  • You can put something popular on hold, pay for it in advance and pick it up at the customer service desk easily.
  • Shipping is free on orders of $25 or more currently. I have to take several deep breaths and work myself up to take all 5 kids to Target normally since they turn into chihuahuas when we arrive, so sometimes it's just easier to order some things online. This free shipping thing rocks because $25 is not that much and you get a lot for that.
Okay, so there are nine reasons I love me the Target. Leave me a comment with your reasons! (Oh, and Mr. Kerrie won't let me get a Red Card debit or credit, so do me a favor and sign up for one so I can live through you, okay? It's cash back and an amazing deal!)
*I am in the Target affiliate program so if you click the links to Target from my site I might make a little money from that, which I would spend at ... well, you can probably guess.