Monday, March 23, 2015

#Houston Day 9: Trophies, Fish Nets, Walter Mitty

Today was a chill day. 

Callie showed off her creative side by making an M&M and jelly and ?? concoction.

Sam had seen a trophy store on the way home from the space center and wanted to check it out. I am standing in front of my ...

World's Best Parker award!

The trophy Sam wanted me to get him at NASA One Trophies (and don't pay attention to Google Maps when you try to find it because they put them on the entire wrong corner ... crazy-making!).

The trophy Sam actually got. It was for being World's Best 5th Kid.
Then we went to Sports Authority, but apparently fishing is not a sport, so we went to Starbuck's for coffee and cookies and then Academy for big fish nets for our next trip to Galveston. Oh, and sand toys. Later we did pool time, had grilled cheese and soup for dinner in the room and ended up watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty all snuggled up in bed and staying up way too late. Such a great day!

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