Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#Houston Day 3: Target, Swimming, Chilling

Day 3 of The Kerrie Show on the Road! WELCOME! Okay, so our first day in a new place we usually just chill so this won't be all that exciting. Excitement comes later so come back. Here is today in pictures anyway, peeps, and the Texas-shaped waffle was the highlight of my entire morning!

In case you have been living under a rock, here is where we are. Mr. Kerrie is working here for weeks and weeks so we had to stalk him to keep him on the straight path.

See that? I did not cook it. I put it on my plate and ate it and profusely thanked the people who DID make it.

No joke. Two waffle makers make these. We definitely don't have Kansas-shaped waffles unless we shape them into a simple rectangle.

See that? Well, do you? It's the menu, friends. It's what is FREE for dinner THREE NIGHTS A WEEK. More of me not cooking, which is really just better for everyone involved.
Cutest thing ever. Sam wanted to sleep with his sisters so all 5 kids were in one room and it is freaking me out that no children are in our bed!

Michael and Joel share a bed.

Time to go hunting for provisions like M&Ms and juice pouches and flip flops and forgotten toothbrushes.

And ended up with hats and jackets and T-shirts. Sam needed a rain jacket and a regular jacket, he informed me. I said, "Don't ever say all you got was hand-me-downs, kid."
Aren't they sweet, that Michael and Sam? Taking our groceries and goodies in on a luggage cart.

After a zillion-hour shopping trip and lunch we hit the pool. Pool was COLD so we hot tubbed some.

Joel got some shots of a couple of  lizards fighting!

Okay, fine. To be honest, I did not get in much. I tried to get my tan on.

Before Mr. Kerrie came home from work I snuck in 30 minutes on the treadmill.

After dinner, back to the pool. The guy's head you see? He and his 4 boys and wife are from Overland Park, right up the road. Do not say SMALL WORLD to me.
Click here for Day Four.

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