Thursday, August 14, 2014


I am so excited as I type this. And I am aware that I gave the new neighbors a card with my phone number and blog address on it so they might see this. BUT I AM SO EXCITED!

Sunday we came home from church to see a Suburban in the driveway of the house next door. We have lived here for 14 years. An elderly couple lived next door. Then a single woman. Then a single man. This is a big house, people! So for years I have been praying for a family to move in.


God said, "Kerrie, you have been a decent person these last few years so I am going to give you something super cool that you have been begging me for." (is it bad to pretend like God said something? sorry; He knows me intentions are good)

ANYWAY, I saw a bunch of kids. Got my hopes up.

Monday they were back. I didn't want to bug them. Tuesday some of the kids came to the door to say hi. I grilled them. I found out they are (1) Catholic like us and (2) HOMESCHOOL. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Then I met the parents and they are super sweet. Like, as in, they will be a good influence in my life and we can help each other out and we and the kids will have fun.

I am super hopeful and excited about this. Last night we went over and roasted marshmallows in their fire pit. They have 6 kids so they totally understand Big Family Life. I can't write too much because I don't want to ook them out, but I have told them I am a bit overwhelming and that I love kids and am so happy they are here.

It's just so exciting when a dream comes true! It's like when I married Mr. Kerrie and we had all the little Kerries ... DREAM COME TRUE! Pinch me!

No, these are not all our kids, but this is ELEVEN kids and represents what it might look like if my family and the family next door posed for a picture in a line like this!

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