Friday, July 25, 2014

Eva is Swimming!

Yesterday we went to the pool. We hadn't been in a while because of cool weather. Mr. Kerrie just got back from Wyoming and he came with us. I got to lay in the sun while chatting with my friends, reading a book and getting a tan while Mr. Kerrie played with the kids. Then Eva, who is 6 1/2, asked me to come to the deep part. I did and she showed me that SHE CAN SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe she is my youngest one to swim! The boys were both 7 and Callie was probably close to 7 but I would have to go back through old online and paper journals to check! We've gotten to go to my aunt Cathy's pool twice, and they get to use floaties there and I think that helps them a bit with learning to get comfy with water (we can't have them in our big public pools). My oldest 2 did swim lessons once for a few weeks and that is all. Mr. Kerrie, myself, my mom and my aunt Cathy, our daughtersitter Jordan and a few others have been the swim teachers over the years! OH, and that trip to Branson to the waterpark sure didn't hurt.

I am not thinking my life will be easier now ... it will, in fact, be a little more difficult. Why? Because a new swimmer thinks they can do anything and they are little daredevils sometimes ... so I have to REALLY watch her more in the deep part. This only leaves Sam to hang in the shallow end with while keeping an eye on Miss Fish now. But let me tell you, that boy is determined and will not be left behind for long. We are fortunate enough that we know someone with a backyard pool and we can swim there usually through September. It would not surprise me if Sam started swimming, too!

These days my 3 oldest kids are off playing with friends or each other at the pool, going off the diving boards, going down the slides. I miss the days of them jumping to me over and over, while at the time it seemed so exhausting!

Have a great weekend!

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