Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#BlueberryPicking at The Berry Patch Summer 2014

What an amazing time we had as a family recently going to The Berry Patch in Cleveland, MO (outside of Kansas City). The Picking Report on their website said they were all picked out but it was a gorgeous night for July, Aron was around and we had our friend Julia with us, so we said FORGET THIS … we are going anyway and will have some fun and hunt down some berries.

We got to pick a patch of land we had not ever been to before. We had to drive to a back lot then walk a bit to get there and then we were in berry heaven. We each got a bucket and went to town. The further we would walk the more the dark berries on the bushes. I was in my own world after a while picking berries to the sounds of nature as the sun started to set.

We don’t like to go in the mornings like “normal” people because (1) we like to go as a family (2) my kids sleep in so I can work (3) the weather is just as lovely at night as in the early morning and (4) there are fewer people there. A method to my madness, you see!

We ended up with like 21 pounds of blueberries! Whenever we go there, it's always peaceful and fun and something to remember.

Quite a haul at 21 pounds! Sam is sad that his grasshopper that he left too far from its Mommy would not get home to it's Mommy. He was sobbing about it, poor kid. He's a sweet little soul about strange pets.

FUN! The kids and Mr. Kerrie would roll this tube up a hill then get inside it and roll back down.