Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dear Belton Pool: Are You Freaking Kidding Me Right Now?

Went to a party last Saturday night .... and was told a story by a new friend. I posted on Facebook and got a lot of interesting comments and made a bunch myself. What's your take?

What the WHAT? Just found out tonight that a woman was bugged by two workers at the Belton Pool about nursing her infant there. My friend ranted online on the city's web page and the situation was apologized for but it seems there are still people in this world who want to bitch about a woman discreetly nursing her child in public. They bitch to the point that a worker at a pool has to ask the mom to stop doing it or move. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? I am headed there soon with my kids and Mr. Kerrie as an Easter present from my mom, and I'm going to inquire about this nonsense.

Okay, you know what else? Let's say I'm nursing my kid on a chair. And I am ALSO watching my other kids in the pool. You are asking me to put my other kids in danger or make them get out so I can go somewhere else to nurse b/c an unevolved moron is uncomfy but that same moron would never bitch about the boobs hanging out of that teen's or 40-something's top over there! And don't get me started on the offensiveness of the Speedo on a male.

Mr. Kerrie says they apologized so move on. That's cool, but why would TWO MALES come up to her in the first place? Why in their heads would they not have gone, "Huh, that's kinda dumb, I'd better check with the manager before I go over and bug this woman who is nursing."

P.S. For the record, I don't think I have ever been bothered by anyone all these dozen plus years I have been nursing. Probably because God knows I would have gone all wiggy on the person bugging me.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Eva is Swimming!

Yesterday we went to the pool. We hadn't been in a while because of cool weather. Mr. Kerrie just got back from Wyoming and he came with us. I got to lay in the sun while chatting with my friends, reading a book and getting a tan while Mr. Kerrie played with the kids. Then Eva, who is 6 1/2, asked me to come to the deep part. I did and she showed me that SHE CAN SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe she is my youngest one to swim! The boys were both 7 and Callie was probably close to 7 but I would have to go back through old online and paper journals to check! We've gotten to go to my aunt Cathy's pool twice, and they get to use floaties there and I think that helps them a bit with learning to get comfy with water (we can't have them in our big public pools). My oldest 2 did swim lessons once for a few weeks and that is all. Mr. Kerrie, myself, my mom and my aunt Cathy, our daughtersitter Jordan and a few others have been the swim teachers over the years! OH, and that trip to Branson to the waterpark sure didn't hurt.

I am not thinking my life will be easier now ... it will, in fact, be a little more difficult. Why? Because a new swimmer thinks they can do anything and they are little daredevils sometimes ... so I have to REALLY watch her more in the deep part. This only leaves Sam to hang in the shallow end with while keeping an eye on Miss Fish now. But let me tell you, that boy is determined and will not be left behind for long. We are fortunate enough that we know someone with a backyard pool and we can swim there usually through September. It would not surprise me if Sam started swimming, too!

These days my 3 oldest kids are off playing with friends or each other at the pool, going off the diving boards, going down the slides. I miss the days of them jumping to me over and over, while at the time it seemed so exhausting!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#LegoLand Discovery Center Kansas City ... A FULL-ON Blast!

Here's the sister post to this one with more words in case you are interested in knowing more about our day at LegoLand Discovery Center in Kansas City. LegoLand and SeaLife are where a department store called Hall's (Hallmark, anyone? Yes, Hallmark HQ is right around the corner) used to be and it was cool, but if you ask me, I think LegoLand and SeaLife are a MUCH better use of that space over there ... but then, I never was much of a shopper.

Anyway, thank you to US Family Guide for the opportunity to get 7 free tickets to LegoLand so we could check it out for our second time and really enjoy it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

See that partial building behind my family? I used to work there and dream every single day about getting married to Mr. Kerrie someday and being a stay-at-home mom!

Someday Michael will be the Master Model Builder

Master Model Builder's office ... half of it. This is what our house would look like if I let it.

More of the office

Sam makes a friend

Some game thing in the start area

HOLY MOLEY ... there's a room where everything is made from Legos ... even Royals Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium!


Eva rides a Lego giraffe before we went in to see a 3D movie which also had wind and water effects!

One of the rides ... there are 2 good ones! This is the Harry Potter one.

Kerrie and Eva on the ride

Daddy and Sam

After, across the street at Crown Center

Gotta eat at Fritz's if you're going to Crown Center. How many times did I pass by this place on my way to get tuna salad with no onions for my demanding boss-lady back in the day?

Happy family eating some burgers, having some shakes

#BlueberryPicking at The Berry Patch Summer 2014

What an amazing time we had as a family recently going to The Berry Patch in Cleveland, MO (outside of Kansas City). The Picking Report on their website said they were all picked out but it was a gorgeous night for July, Aron was around and we had our friend Julia with us, so we said FORGET THIS … we are going anyway and will have some fun and hunt down some berries.

We got to pick a patch of land we had not ever been to before. We had to drive to a back lot then walk a bit to get there and then we were in berry heaven. We each got a bucket and went to town. The further we would walk the more the dark berries on the bushes. I was in my own world after a while picking berries to the sounds of nature as the sun started to set.

We don’t like to go in the mornings like “normal” people because (1) we like to go as a family (2) my kids sleep in so I can work (3) the weather is just as lovely at night as in the early morning and (4) there are fewer people there. A method to my madness, you see!

We ended up with like 21 pounds of blueberries! Whenever we go there, it's always peaceful and fun and something to remember.

Quite a haul at 21 pounds! Sam is sad that his grasshopper that he left too far from its Mommy would not get home to it's Mommy. He was sobbing about it, poor kid. He's a sweet little soul about strange pets.

FUN! The kids and Mr. Kerrie would roll this tube up a hill then get inside it and roll back down.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Too Cool for School #Giveaway Hop August 18-24, 2014 ... 3 Exclusive Sets of #Jamberry Nail Wraps! #2cool4school

So excited for this giveaway! I'm at a point in my Jamberry career where I can offer FREE JAMS! So for the Too Cool for School Giveaway Hop, which starts August 18, I am giving away THREE sheets of exclusive jams! I am giving away the June, August and September Hostess Exclusive wraps with a value of $60 total (the exclusives list on my Jamberry workstation as being worth $20 each sheet instead of the usual $15). See you back here on the 18th of August and good luck!

June Hostess Exclusive

August Hostess Exclusive

September Hostess Exclusive
If you are a blogger and would like to get in on this event, check here. You can join Blogger PR on Facebook then check out all their other great events!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#SplashCove in Shawnee ... Checked Off of our Family's Summer 2014 Bucket List

I didn't take too many pictures because I was busy making sure no kids were drowning.

The wave pool.

The snack area. Always gotta hit that.

Sam found a buddy


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