Friday, June 27, 2014

#BahnCooler – "Pink Stuff" Recipe and Mom’s Ice Chest Challenge at Schlitterbahn WaterParks

Schlitterbahn loves families and the proof is in the ice chest -- families can save by bringing their own ice chest to the park! When you combine that with free parking it's clear that you are hard-pressed to find a more family-friendly park!

Bringing in an ice chest does more than save money for your family; it lets you take care of those fussy eaters and stay all day! Packing an ice chest with our kids' favorites means more time enjoying rides and less time in food lines. Plus at Schlitterbahn you can enjoy the best water park while saving money, too!

I recently found out that the Schlitterbahn does not nickel and dime a family to death! With free parking AND being able to bring in our own food, that saves us a lot. We are planning a trip there later this summer! I didn't realize there was such a huge variety of rides ... some wild for the adventurous Mr. Kerrie and my oldest Little Kerrie named Joel; some mild for the naughty Little Kerries named Samuel and Eva; other rides in between for Callie and Michael!

So here's a link to the perfect ice chest recipe I could think of: Healthy Pink Stuff. It has 3 simple ingredients and is a nice, cool thing to take along to the water park when your body needs something good and replenishing!

Check out Schlitterbahn!

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