Thursday, March 20, 2014

Foods Full of Calcium That Are Easy to Eat

According to the experts, three servings of calcium each day can help to fight off osteoporosis, and can even aid in weight loss. While calcium is beneficial in any form, some studies suggest that dairy products high in calcium are the most efficient at aiding the body in weight loss. Keep that in mind the next time you fear mixing Greek yogurt sauce into your recipes will push your waistline past its limit.

Big Pay-Off Diet Changes
Many people fear that dairy products are high in fat and fail to reap the benefits of a diet full of calcium. Fortunately, dairy products come in low-fat and fat-free forms, making it easy for everyone to enjoy a healthy diet without worry.

Small changes to the diet can reap big rewards for individuals of any age. At times, all it takes it a commitment to change to enjoy big payoffs for the effort. Some of the most beneficial diet changes are:
  1. Loading up on veggies and fruits by eating 2.5 cups of veggies and two cups of fruit each day.
  2. Choose the right fats by switching from whole milk to skim milk, or cooking with olive oil rather than butter.
  3. Drink more water, and shoot for consuming about six to eight glasses each day.
  4. Increase your fiber consumption to increase energy, reduce belly fat, and lower risks of disease. 
  5. Control your portions and avoid second helpings, eating only until you are full rather than uncomfortable.

These five easy steps can completely change your world, particularly if you are eating the correct calcium rich foods during the process.

Fill Your Diet With Calcium
Adding more dairy products to your diet is easy when done in the right ways. Stick with simple snacks like cottage cheese and fruit, or cucumber yogurt sauce for the more sophisticated palette. No matter how you do it, keep these calcium-rich foods in the back of your mind as you switch your diet.

  • Dark leafy greens (kale, turnips, spinach)

  • Fortified orange juice

  • Cheese

  • Milk

  • Yogurt 

  • Soybeans 

  • Fortified soymilk 

  • Sardines 

  • Fortified cereals 

  • Enriched waffles, grains, and breads

  • Although calcium supplements are available at most drug stores, dieticians recommend getting your daily calcium intake through foods. The body absorbs this form of calcium better, and is better able to utilize it to strengthen the bones.

    Vitamins You Need
    On the list of the top six vitamins humans need to be healthy, calcium is at the top. Increase your calcium intake as you age, and speak with your doctor about the recommended value for your age. It’s important to eat three meals a day, and enjoy several small snacks that keep the body energized and moving. Choose the right foods for your snacks and meals, and you’ll feel better all the time.

    Plan for a Big Day
    Well-balanced meals are particularly important on days that are full, but you can make every day a big day if you change your family’s eating habits now. Learn the benefits of foods that are high in vitamins and minerals, and empty your home of sugary, high-fat foods that aren’t good for your mind or your body.

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