Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fashionable Bags for Moms ... Yes, They Are Out There!

Today I have invited a guest blogger to fill in some space for me about some cool bags that are on the market these days. I personally like this one because it would be big enough to hold my laptop while also being only $39.95. And I am a sucker for basic black ... goes with everything! BUT if you are not loving black, you can mix and match shells depending on what you're wearing or your mood without having to buy an entirely new bag!

Here's how to grab this bag!

Here's Jill:

"Hey moms! You have the best and hardest job in the world, but you also want to stay fashionable.  This is hard to do when you have to lug around all your children’s stuff everywhere you go.  At this point, you’re just looking for a bag that can fit the toys, bottles, diapers, and snacks; you’re not thinking about how it looks.  Your child’s happiness and entertainment is more important than how you look when you leave the house.  Well moms, not anymore.  Miche has the bag for you!  The interchangeable Prima bag is fashionable and the perfect size.  This bag can hold a laptop or tablet plus all of your child’s essentials.  It will carry the toys your child deems necessary to take to the grocery store in addition to everything you need as well. 
With the interchangeable Miche Prima bag, you get the space you need for all of your necessities and you get to be fashionable at the same time!  Get yourself a few different Shells so you can change the bag to match what you’re wearing; the change is quick and easy.  Moms don’t have the time to switch the contents from one purse to another with all the binkies and army guys at the bottom.  That is why Miche bags are perfect.  You don’t have to remove every last item.  Change your bag at the speed of life!  Just take off the Shell and put a new one on.  It saves you time so you have more to spend with your little ones, which we all know is the most important part of being a mom.

Great fashion doesn’t have to come with a big price tag.  Buying all the essentials to keep your family fed and happy can be pricey so the tendency is to skimp on nice things for yourself in order to be a cost-efficient household.  Miche bags are a great solution as they won’t break the bank.  Buy just the one bag, then accessorize with different Shells and there’s no reason to sacrifice your family’s wants or needs for the cost of looking great. Stay hip and trendy at a very affordable price.

Miche jewelry is a great way to look put together when you feel like you’re falling apart.  Moms need to feel glamorous too and Miche jewelry is here to help.  Jewelry breaks easily with kids pulling on and playing with it, but the great thing about Miche jewelry is that it is magnetic and will come apart instead of breaking apart.  They’re also so easy to change!  If you actually get a night away from the kids, you may not have time to change your clothes, but with Miche jewelry, you can change your look in a matter of seconds.  Like the Miche bags, you won’t spend a fortune on the jewelry.  All of the pieces are very classy and affordable so go ahead and accessorize at the speed of life!"

Here's a video explaining the ability of the purse to transform with the addition of shells to the base bag, instead of purchasing a completely new bag outright.

Looks like you can earn a bag by doing an at-home party, so there is something to think about!

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