Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Trip to Lawrence, Kansas with 6 Kids

Thursday of Spring Break we met up with Tom and Lucy, fellow homeschoolers, since they moved to Lawrence (Lucy's mom is in Pharmacy School at KU!). We grabbed our Plus One, Julia, and headed out for the 30-minute journey to Lawrence.

Cool school park at Highland and Yale where we finished off our Long John Silver's and Burrito King

I'm  prepping my kids to go to KU if they choose to go to college. It's close!

Sam says the snakes and tigers are his brothers. (at the Natural History Museum)

How did Joel get that owl to perch on his shoulder?

Two hours later ... we are all beat.

Time for some DQ, a Lawrence trip tradition. We usually make this trip with my mom, Tutu, but we'll go again soon.

Then we hit the nature center park to finish our ice cream. It was a gorgeous, windy day filled with play.