Monday, January 6, 2014

Why You Need a Mommy Business Card

I love me some Mommy* Business Cards! Do I get them because they make me feel all corporate and like I’m back in the “real” working world? (don’t throw your coffee at me, please; I’m just kidding … if anybody knows stay-at-home moms work their butts off it’s me, friends).

Nope. That’s not why.

I’m on my third round of Mommy Business Cards because they make connecting with other parents a breeze. Below is a photo of the second card I ordered … so pretty and serene … a lake in the mountains. And no, I am not paranoid about one of you calling me up on my cell phone because I don’t often answer it anyway. Feel free to leave me a message telling me how much you love my blog, though. Or just email me. I do write back.

When I ran out of those, I went with these. I do love the beach seeing as how I live in KANSAS and all that.

Now, why do I put all that information on there? Well, I make sure all our names are on it so when we meet a mom we wanna hang out with or when one of my kids meets a kid he/she wants to hang out with, I can pass this card out and the parent can hopefully remember who we are.

A card is way better than a napkin or a random piece of paper because those get lost. A card screams, “I’m Serious! Here is my info. Let’s HANG OUT.”

And, okay, I will admit that I like to put on there that I’m a homeschooler because I like to be different. And the writer part is fun and warns people to watch what they say around me or I will write about it. And the editor part tells them to carefully type their Facebook responses and emails to me or I will make fun.

Have I convinced you to order up some Mommy Business Cards or Daddy Business Cards? Good. Don’t forget to take a picture of your card, post about it and send me the link.

*I know stay-at-home dads and homeschooling dads, so Lord knows I am not trying to be sexist and leave out any of my peeps with parts different from mine.

If you want to make your own, you can grab some blank biz cards at Amazon and do them at home :-)

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