Thursday, June 20, 2013

You Know You're a WAHM When ...

... you are too busy to talk to your friends so when they ask, for example, what you did for your birthday, you rudely send them to a blog post instead of actually talking to them about it.

... you can be found cooking grilled ham and cheese sandwiches while simultaneously writing an article, proofing an article or just doing what you do for money online.

... you try to outsource tasks to your kids, like urinating. "Callie, would you please go pee for me?"

... you live and die to go to the pool in the afternoon because it means a nice break for you away from work and to just be able to watch and appreciate your kids.

... in order to keep the house running smoothly, you work SUPER FAST on any chore, like putting away laundry or putting away dishes.

... you cut time corners on meals. Applesauce instead of cut-up apples. The slow cooker is king!

... you work in the dead of night and in the morning when the rest of the household is sleeping.

... your mom friends come over and you have Adult Working Playdates.

How do you know you're a WAHM? Share with me!

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