Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting Around a Strange Town with Kids

I shouldn't say STRANGE town. I mean, Irvine, CA and Phoenix, AZ and Evanston, WY and Salt Lake City, UT are not strange. They are beautiful and wonderful. They are just ... unfamiliar to me.

Or they were, anyway. In 2002 a 1 1/2-year-old Joel and I (along with Michael in my womb) flew with Aron to Irvine, CA (southern) where he had been working for a while at a satellite office. We stayed in Irvine for 3 weeks and Joel and I flew back to KC alone. We didn't want to go, but I had taken donations for a World Breastfeeding Walk and felt like I should actually do the walk.

One of my family members thought I was nuts to travel with a little kid while also pregnant. But I always wanted to be a stewardess (I like to use the Old School word). My mom always understood, though, as she was a GO GO GO person who married my dad and went to Germany with him immediately (where I was born). That woman will travel ANYWHERE! My dad also likes to travel, so I come by this naturally.

Soon after the Breastfeeding Walk, we all flew this time to Phoenix where Mr. Kerrie was working on another project (automating the city's wastewater and water treatment systems). This time we stayed for 5 weeks.

So ... what do you do for a total of TWO MONTHS as a stay-at-home pregnant mom with a toddler when your husband has to work all day and all night? Well, you make your own fun. Sure, you watch cartoons in the hotel, but a toddler won't go for that for long. You savor those naptimes when you can hold your toddler and watch your own TV shows and talk on the phone with people you miss and plan to start a Creative Memories scrapbook biz when you get home (what a flop!). I didn't have internet access, so I looked in the phone book for parks and playgrounds, and we went.

We found a La Leche League group in town and went ONCE (not super welcoming, those attachment parenting chicks, as a general rule).

We drove around a lot. We went grocery shopping and bought craft crap at Michael's. We went trick-or-treating at the mall. We went to the library and to the rose garden and to McDonald's with play areas. We kept busy. It's not exactly a hard life, folks; just involves some imagination!

Phoenix for 3 weeks with 4 kids and then Wyoming for 5 weeks with 5 kids (do the math, that equals 12 weeks in Phoenix and 25 weeks in Wyoming ... haha!) were the next adventures. If you want to know about some of those, just hit the Travel or Wyoming tags to the left.

I'm excited to see what's next!


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