Friday, October 14, 2016

How to Make Redneck Cupcakes with Limited Ingredients

After my son Michael's birthday party a few years ago we had leftover frosting that we colored ourselves with neon food coloring. I know, I know, you health nuts are cringing right now because my family consumes food dyes. But then you would be at the wrong blog, people. Rednecks* are not HEALTHY, don't you know?

Moving on.

So I got out some Saltines and slapped that frosting on them and we had ourselves some crunchy Redneck Cupcakes. Sometimes you hafta get creative!

Try it!

And if you don't have frosting in a little plastic bucket from the store, you can use butter, vanilla, a dab of milk and some powdered sugar to make buttercream frosting in a jiffy.

*Technically we are not rednecks. We live in a nice suburb of Kansas City. However, we often BEHAVE like hillbillies: you know, going barefoot, havin' lots of babies, eatin' tater tot casserole, gettin' and stayin' dirty and havin' lots of fun. Check out The Tater Tot Casserole Cookbook for 13 dessert recipes that are NOT Redneck Cupcakes but are much classier :-) And check out this blog for more Redneck Recipes!