Friday, October 14, 2016

Redneck Cupcakes

After Michael's birthday party three years ago we had leftover frosting that we colored ourselves with neon food coloring. I know, I know, you health nuts are cringing right now because my family consumes food dyes. But then you would be at the wrong blog, people. Rednecks* are not HEALTHY, don't you know?

Moving on.

So I got out some Saltines and slapped that frosting on them and we had ourselves some crunchy Redneck Cupcakes. Sometimes you hafta get creative!

Try it!

*Technically we are not rednecks. We live in a nice suburb of Kansas City. However, we often BEHAVE like hillbillies: you know, going barefoot, havin' lots of babies, eatin' tater tot casserole, getting dirty and having lots of fun.

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