Friday, October 25, 2019

Make a Homemade Chore Chart and Toothbrushing Chart

*Originally posted April 2013 but I brought it out of the vault for anyone who might need it. The kids are now ages 10-18 and don't need help in this area to remember to brush their teeth or do their chores, and they regularly come back with a NO CAVITIES report at the dentist! (don't forget to include the little handheld flossers in the routine!)

I think I might FINALLY have something in place that will get all the little things done that need to be done around the house. And no, I did not have 5 children so they could be my minions. I am merely instilling responsibility in them now since when they grow up they will be doing chores around their own pad.

Who am I kidding? Odds are at least two of the five will turn out like me: MESSY and SLOBBY but can find anything in a pinch for about 20 years after leaving home and THEN the realization will hit them around 40 that keeping things kinda picked up and purged is a lot easier than cleaning for days at a time after it gets out of hand!

My sweet and crazy kids after church one night at Cure of Ars, where my husband and I got married in 1998 and where I was baptized, etc. in 1999.

So here's the link to my recently made combination Homemade Chore Chart and Toothbrushing Chart on Google Docs so you can check it out and then make your own in Excel however you like. Or you can just look at it and laugh or make fun of me or whatever crumbles your cookie.

We've tried many different chore charts over the years but my kids like how I set this one up. They love that I store it in a plastic page protector, keep it on the fridge, then they can use a dry erase marker to cross things off as they complete them. They LOVE using the dry erase marker!

Note: I had to add in pencil at the bottom that Joel feed the dog breakfast, Michael feeds him dinner and Callie is in charge of keeping water in the dog bowl. I got tired of catching the poor dog drinking from the toilet because he had no water in his bowl!

Wondering how I get them to clean the bathroom? Check out my Funny Bathroom Cleaning Instructions with a funny ecard here!

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