Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to Handle Your Parents as Grandparents

I want to share with you an email I recently sent to my parents. I'm  hoping it helps you learn how to handle your own parents in their grandparent role. Sometimes they just need a little smackin' around, ya know. They like to attend stuff or at least know about it, and the kids love to see them, so I like to keep everyone in the know.

"Okay, troops, we have a lot of grandchildren ground to cover. You might know some of this already but I'm reiterating (look it up). ;-)

1. I am working on bidding some of the LEGO architecture sets for Michael's birthday now since there is no rush. Since it's not Xmas, they are MUCH cheaper. If you would like me to find you a set for him, please let me know. You can slip me the money under the table later. Stuff like this I know you like it when I do your shopping for you. No extra fee.

2. Joel's Scout Court of Honor is [this part not included for you readers in case there are pervos amongst us]. There is some blah-dee-blah then they give out awards and badges. Joel gets his First Class and some badges. After there will be snacks and drinks.

3. FYI ... Joel gets to go to Exchange City on [no pervos allowed]! Remember that place? I got to go when I was in school so I'm glad he gets to. I have to get him to several prep classes for it, but it should be fun!

4. Friday night, April 5 at 6:30 is Joel/Callie's play in Spring Hill. A bake sale will be held for donations. It's Alice in Wonderland, then you can leave before Romeo/Juliet starts if you need to! [I left this date in because I'm in charge of play publicity ... pervos will be bounced; I have pervdar (like gaydar), so I will know you are there].

5. [Not telling you this] is Michael's bday party at 1.

6. [It's a secret] is Callie's first communion at 11; party afterward around 12:30 ... (Callie's new friend just happened to have a nice, white, long dress in her play closet that we are borrowing for a first communion dress, saving us like $50 at least! i'll need to get her a headpiece still, i'm thinking.)

I love you guys! We have a busy spring coming up, so take your vitamins, do your stretches and attend your Grandparent Boot Camp.

The Mom

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