Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Baking: Treat Boxes on the Cheap

Below is a picture of something I gave to friends, family and neighbors last year for Christmas.

  • I had gotten a bunch of mocha brownie mixes super cheap so I made them in festive cupcake wrappers.
  • I bought a chocolate bar from Germany from my local Aldi store.
  • I bought a bag of assorted uncracked nuts.
  • Don't mind the mini-toothpastes! I'm not very classy and had gotten a ton of them from a nice dental hygienist friend and put them in the treat boxes I knew would be going to kids. They are Spongebob toothpastes!
  • I bought some Gladware with coupons to store the treats in.

I like my treat box because it's something I would like to receive. I could reuse the Gladware, not be too unhealthy eating a ton of sweets, and have fun with the kids cracking the nuts the old fashioned way. The toothpaste is kind of a funny, like "brush your teeth after eating these sweets" ... ha! On top of the box I put our Christmas card. You could also wrap the box or put a bow on it or ribbon. I inherited a giving spirit from both of my parents, and especially my mom.

What are your holiday treat box ideas?

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