Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weight Loss is Not a RACE!

Tonight Aron is out of town. Jordan couldn't watch the kids. I took them to Weight Watchers with me so I could weigh in. I hate missing the meeting because I pay for it and it's inspirational and about the only "me" time I get during the week, but you do what you gotta do. At least I made the weigh-in!

Last week I gained 1.8 pounds, part of which was due to the fact that I changed from shorts to jeans and from a barefoot weigh-in to tennis shoes and socks. I also didn't track my eating very well in my journal and when I do that I overeat every time! Instead of getting down in the dumps and berating myself, I vowed to keep going.
These homemade eggrolls are only about 2 points each (cole slaw mix, soy sauce, egg roll wrappers)

Let's make this clear: I do not "diet." Our leader is on our cases for "dieting" = eating less than the points we are given each day. I get it. If we undereat and lose a bunch of weight and feel great, that's fine ... until we find we need more food to keep up our energy and our body is used to eating so little that any extra bit makes us gain each week. I make sure to eat all my points per day and often also use some of my 49 extra per week that I get.

I'm getting used to the skinny mocha at Starbucks once a week and the cherry vanilla Diet Coke at Sonic sometimes. I also drink a lot of water. I'm getting used to measuring my portions and try my hardest to fit in 5 fruits/veggies per day. I've even started doing a TEENY bit of exercise in the morning ... like 2 minutes of arm lifts and squats!

Anyway, tonight I went in, took off my tennies and stepped on the scale. Somehow with healthy eating I lost 3.2 pounds. I realize that weight (especially for women due to menstruation and fertility) goes up and down. One week will be triumphant and the next I might work very hard and find that I gained.

That's the journey. It's not a RACE to lose weight. In fact, my ultimate goal is to reach a certain weight by next SUMMER. I am not trying to weigh 100 pounds by Christmas because that would be absolutely ridiculous. I make short-term goals. I am already thinking, however, about what I will eat at Christmas gatherings ... how I might fill up on a salad before I go or take my own veggies to a party and stay away from the carbo-loaded desserts.

I know this is not forever. When I can control myself around food, I will be able to sneak in a treat more often. I don't feel deprived. I make sure my kids know I CAN have any food there is; I just have to log it. It's like a checking account and I have 26 points per day (plus 49 per week) that I can "spend." If I go over that amount in a week, it shows on the scale and in how my clothes fit and in how much energy I have.

Next stop = 10% goal! Ultimate goal = health, physical fitness, energy, and more.

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