Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kitchen Remodeling PROGRESS!

Okay, so we did this like 2 weeks ago, but it still counts for Tackle-It Tuesday cuz it's MY BLOG, kay? Sorry, I'm a little surly since my laptop broke AGAIN after hubs brought it back from the watered dead. Moving on ...

I did this wall! Spackled it all by my lonesome! Aron made a nice apple pie for Samuel since it was his birthday.

No, Dad and Mom, REALLY ... I was doing it! See!

Gratuitous pose: me with spackled wall. A classic.

HappyElfMom: this is very slow progress. Aron got it mostly sanded and some spots re-spackled. Then he took off to help his brother finish building his house. We could have paint on these walls within a couple of weeks, barring a too-full calendar or Aron having to work buttloads of overtime. Wish us luck!

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