Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Carseat Company Conspiracy (A Pissy Post)

I'm a little pissy about something and so I will share it with you! Lucky!

We had a garage sale last weekend. I decided to part with a carseat that we used for (I think) our last 4 kids. We were never in so much as a teensy fender-bender. Of course nobody at the garage sale bought it, even though it has a base and is in AMAZING shape.

I tried to put it on the porch for the charity to take and THEY LEFT IT!

So I ask you, what can I do with it? Since everyone is so freaked out about used carseats that have possibly been in a wreck and are possibly cracked and could possibly not work when needed in the future, where does that leave all the carseats?

We are so damn concerned with BEING GREEN in this country lately, but I ask you how many carseats are sitting in landfills, to NEVER DECOMPOSE?'

Don't ride me about how we want our babies to be safe and all that. I get it, okay? But there has to be some way to like do a sonogram on a carseat to see if it has a hairline fracture or something, right? And if it passes as NEVER BEEN IN A WRECK, then let's use it again!!!!!

You'll use cloth diapers and feed your kid all organic but you are perpetuating landfill crap, new mommies!

YES, I used a USED carseat back in 2001 when I had my first kid. A friend had used it and a friend before her. This was back in the day before bases and we had to roll up a towel and put it under the back of the carseat to make sure it was tilted correctly. I also did not use special expensive baby detergent (yes, I know some kids really do have sensitive skin). Do these things make me a bad mom? Nah.

I think the carseat companies just want you to believe all this crap and just buy more carseats ... at $100+ a pop. Think about it.

So I'm gonna try to Freecycle the dang thing before I throw it in a Dumpster. I'll let you know how THAT goes.

*UPDATE: Thank God for Facebook or I would know nothing. One person said the local health dept. might take them for the needy. Another person said you can go online to see how to recycle the entire seat! Another said to post it like on Facebook to see if someone wants it and trusts me that it has not been in a wreck! There ya go!

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