Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tackle-It Tuesday: Garage Sale!

There comes a time in everyone's life when they say:


I usually just donate our unwanted/unused things, but the kids were wanting to sell some of their stuff and we heard there was a Neighborhood Garage Sale coming up, so we started saving up our stuff to sell.

The kids ended up making more money than we did. Even listing it on Craigslist twice, we didn't get as much traffic as we usually do and I probably made about $1/hour at the end. Our HUGE NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALE probably had about 10 house participating ... sheesh! C'mon, people, I know ya'll have junk to get rid of!

** Come back soon to see my pissy post about getting rid of carseats and the conspiracy involved!

Garage sales can be fun, but in the end they are never worth it for us. And we ended up with all this on the porch to be donated to a charity.

STILL, we got rid of a bunch of stuff from the house. So Tackle-It Tuesday is a SUCCESS!!!!

The question for you for today is: How do you feel about hosting a garage sale?

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