Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adult Preschool at My House

I picked up a 2007 copy of Parenting Magazine that was being tossed out at my library and came across a great thing on the inside back cover. It's called "Preschool Ideas We'd Love to Steal." Here are my favorites:

Time-outs. YES! I need a time-out sometimes! From my kids, from my husband, from other people in general. Let's take more time-outs!

Free play. YES! I need to stop focusing so much on getting everything done and stop and turn on the music and just dance with the kids.

Snacks every two hours. Well, I kinda have this one covered already. If I don't snack, I turn into a bear.

Super-enthusiastic greeting at the end of the day. Well, I do get that from my husband, which surprises me after 17 years of being together. But I'll take it!

Buddy system. Every now and then I do this ... like when a friend is coming over and offers to bring a nice coffee or when I offer to buy something for a friend who is currently cash-strapped.

MANDATORY NAPTIME. Need I say more? I'm not sure who will be watching my kids while I take my daily mandatory nap, though. The Nap Fairy, perhaps?

Got any to add?

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