Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tackle-It Tuesday: Homeschool Bookshelf Help and Excuses

Here's a picture of my messy bookshelf from over 2 years ago. You have to hit the link to see it. Then hit this link to see the AFTER shot from then. It obviously did not stay that way because we are discussing it again. My excuses include (cue whining): I have a lot of kids; I'm a homeschooler and we have a lot of paper; I'm a writer so I'm a creative type and don't like to clean; my parents made me their only child slave so I am rebelling against my husband daily by not picking up. Didja like those?

So here she be last weekend. Don't get me started on all the stuff on the walls and the floor. We like to draw and create and save stuff, but not in a hoarder way.

Here is what I made it into by the end of the weekend. I got these bins at Target for $8 each and went ahead and splurged on one for each kid. They LOVE them and carry their projects around in them. And when I find random stuff around the house, I put it in the right bin. I got rid of enough stuff so that we could put a random craft tub on the bottom, and make it a Lego bin neighbor. Ignore the basket that is overflowing and I will do the same. Oh, and see that "craft bin" to the left of the bookshelf? Yeah, that's about 80% Legos.

Here's what I did with the paper holder that was also on the bookshelf forever ... I put it to the right of the shelves and tossed the printer on top of it to save some space.

My hope is that by sharing my messes, you will be encouraged to clean up some of yours. And we need to realize that messes become messes again and that if we can't stay ahead of them, we can at least overhaul areas again every year and have some fun doing it.

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