Monday, August 20, 2012

Moshi Monster Monday: Web Sites to Check Out

Congratulations to Amy L. and Tami S. for winning the Moshi Monsters cards and figures! I'll be contacting them via email today to find out where to send their prize package! If you're disappointed that you did not win, just hit the left side of the blog for many more giveaway opportunities! I like participating in cash giveaways most definitely and there's a Kindle/Keurig one coming up, as well as some fun baby stuff.

Today's Moshi focus is going to be on cool, fun or helpful web sites that will help you with your game or just let you have fun checking out Moshi Monsters.
Michael and a pal playing with their Moshi Monsters figures. I call this Moshis Unplugged because they aren't playing the online game!

Head here for the Moshi Monsters game. I have a free membership but it's VERY limited. For $5.95 per month per kid they can have unlimited play, catch unlimited Moshis and have access to all the cool missions and the entire map of the joint. It's not just a video game; it helps kids with reading, math and with logic.

SuperCheats has many Moshi codes for getting cool stuff when you play the online Moshi Monsters game

Moshi Wikia is super informative about all things Moshi

Feel free to add your own helpful sites in the Comments section and I can put those in another post!

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