Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feeding Kids Pork Rinds & Twinkies (Day 34 of Travel)

Saturday meant it was time to leave the ranch for good.

All the kids were sad to leave the kittens behind. Callie cried about having to leave in general. I was also sad.

Daddy thought it would be good to get some "real travel food" ... pork rinds and Twinkies. Later he spent lots of time on toilets. Wonder why? I do like chocolate as a road food, and Twizzlers, too, but try to keep it to fruit and granola bars and trail mix and juice. I was surprised when he picked up those little gems because he's usually the more responsible parent :-)

At a WINDY rest stop in Wyoming. We all just about blew away and had to do a kid count before we left.

Aron got a little nappie while I drove. Notice he's holding a pink doggie. It's his luvvie when I'm not available.

A huge fire as we got into Loveland, Colorado.

Finally at Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colorado! Ah, luxury! Those comforters are made of real gold.

This is the living area of our suite, thank you very much. We switched things up and Callie/Michael slept in this room on the sofabed together while Joel/Eva slept in the double bed in our room.

This is Sammy sipping a lovely Mountain Dew.

In the lobby-ish area they had Happy Feet 2 going during cocktail hour so the kiddies could be occupied while the parents used their FOUR DRINK TICKETS EACH. Holy schnockered! Then they gave out free cookies. The hotel was packed due to a vintage car show (love those vintage station wagons and convertibles) and a dental convention. You could tell who was there for which.

Huge hotel. Very nice.

Sam's drink ticket ...  haha!
After cocktail hour we went for some tacos at Taco John's then went back to swim. It was a gorgeous, windy night. Due to the way my weight is shifting, I think I can pass for pregnant rather than just a bit overweight in my swimsuit, so life is good.

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