Friday, June 22, 2012

Freaking Frugal Friday: Living Simply With Children: Clothing

We are in massive Garage Sale Mode. We came home from living 5 weeks on the bare minimum clothing-wise and entertainment-wise and found that there is so much we can do without. Just because we have a 1500-square-foot home does not mean we have to FILL IT UP!

I hate having garage sales, but if I have much to get rid of and can do it with a friend and really make some money to go toward, say, a truck payment and our dream of moving out of the city, then let's do it. Every penny ends up counting, I suppose.

Here's what I packed for myself for Wyoming and packed similar for the kids:
1 swimsuit
5 T-shirts
1 jacket
1 pair jeans
1 pair shorts
1 pair boxer shorts for sleeping
1 pair workout pants for sleeping
4 pair socks
4 pair underwear
1 beach towel
1 pair tennis shoes
1 pair flip flops

Obviously I didn't have to schlep a winter coat or boots or total winter garb for all. As far as other stuff, the kids took Pillow Pets and little stuffed animals, Legos, coloring books and crayons, craft supplies, a few books. Callie took her picture of my cousin Cayla and some other stuff in her messenger bag.

A friend of mine does something like has 3 of each clothing item for her kids (except for undies and socks) because she also has 5 kids and the clothes overrun the house. Even with one kid, why would you need 100 outfits for that kid?

Do you have too many clothes? I have fat clothes and skinny clothes and maternity clothes and everything in between but have slowly been weeding things out. Why do we hold on to so many clothes when they just go out of style anyway and are so easily and cheaply acquired at thrift stores and consignment stores and through friends giving us more and sales, etc.?

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