Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Is What 41 Looks Like, Folks

This is what a 41-year-old woman looks like:

Today would be my birthday. I was born in Germany, lived there 6 months, and came to chill in the Kansas City area ever since. I'm a full-blown Gemini, which explains a lot of crap. I'm getting some gray hair in my bangs and decided to stop pulling them out. I use face cream and eye cream and sunscreen. I don't stay out of the sun and do plenty of smiling and some frowning. I have those parentheses between my eyebrows that show up when I scowl. The skin below my eyebrows is sagging. I'm cool with how I look. Not a fan of shots in my face or going under the knife, but if that's how you roll, go for it. We can revisit this topic in 10 years and see where I stand.

When I loaded this picture, Michael said it looks I just said, "I pooted."

Aron and Joel are home from Scout camp today because Joel came home with a little fever and sore throat. What am I doing today? Sleeping in as late as Sam will let me. Writing. Going to the pool. Cooking. Cleaning. Purging junk from the house to prepare for a fall garage sale. Getting a fancy coffee. Enjoying the life I always wanted and got.

What did my husband get for me? Well, besides the gifts that keep on giving (a great marriage and 5 great kids), he got me rockin' new tires in Wyoming. Oh, and he fixed the PCM (power control module) on my van for around $400 instead of the $1,200 they wanted at the dealership in Wyoming. So my man is a gift in and of himself. Got a Scooter's gift card from Mom, homemade potholders from stepmom Nancy and cold, hard cash from Dad. Can't figure out for the life of me what to buy so I'm saving it until I know.

I hope you have a great day on my birthday.

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